Safety And Sanitation

Our first lab was to make chocolate chip cookies. The whole class learned all the safety and sanitation protocols. I first put on an apron, tied my hair, sleeves, put phone away and lastly wash my hands for sanitation . My partner and I had to split up the duties so that the lab would be finish on time. I went up to get the ingredients while my partner stayed at the unit. Once i got the ingredients I came back to help my partner make the cookies. We started to cream together the wet ingredients then later on add the dry ingredients. The cookie dough was finally done and so we dropped the cookies on the baking sheet. Now it was time to put the cookies in the oven. I made sure that the oven was competently open and that I had oven mitts for safety reasons. All of these safety and sanitation rules are put in place for the reason of keeping everyone healthy and safe throughout the class.


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