Cooking At Home #2

I have made chicken karaage with fried rice. This is basically the Japanese method for making fried chicken. I had some leftover rice which is the perfect type of rice for making this dish. I also had some opened frozen carrots, peas, ham and shrimp in my freezer that had to be used. In opinion you really can’t go wrong with chicken and rice so I decided to make that for dinner. I did have a vague recipe in my head so I just used that for making both of these. I started with the chicken a day earlier so that the ginger, garlic, soy sauce and sake could really infuse the flavors and scent in the chicken. The following day I used equal parts flour and potato starch to individually coat by hand. I fried them in 1-3 inches of oil to make them really crispy and golden. At the end the oil did get too hot and started to cook the outside really fast so to make sure they were fully cooked I put those in the oven to cook. For the fried rice I started to cook all of the vegetables, meats, rice and then seasoned with salt, pepper, garlic power and a couple tbsp of soy sauce. My greatest success was definitely the taste of the chicken as it was well marinated and the outside was perfect. I am most proud of working efficiently and didn’t take much time other than the over night marinated but it was so worth it.


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