Cooking At Home #1

I decided to challenge myself with making a three layered chocolate cake. This took me two day as I wanted to make sure that the cake was cooled throughout and won’t fall apart. I got the recipe from a website called Stay at Home Chef and it was called The Most Amazing Chocolate Cake. First I started to prepare the cake pans with some butter and lightly dusting cocoa powder. Then I went and started to put all the dry ingredients into a large bowl and whisked. In that same bowl I had put all of the wet ingredients and whisked. It was finally time to bake them so I placed the batter in the pan and looked so all were even. While the cakes are baking the whole house smelled like what I imagine Willy Wonka’s chocolate factory would be like. The following day I was excited to frost the cake. The original recipe made a chocolate cream cheese frosting but I didn’t have cream cheese so I made chocolate ganache instead. This was made by taking simmered 1 1/4 cups heavy cream and adding 2 cups of chocolate chips and whipped till fluffy. While I stated to frost the outside of the cake I ran out of frosting so I had to make more. But then I ran out of cream so I decided that my best option is to make the ganache but not whip it and drip about half on top. With the other half whipped so I can decorate the top and bottom. Then I got to cut the cake and was proud that the layers of frosting and cake were even. But my greatest success was the overall taste and texture it had a deep chocolate taste and was moist. If I was to make this again it would have to be for a special occasion and I would like to try out the cream cheese frosting with it. I set out to challenge myself with this cake and I did just that.


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