Final Cooking At Home #8

For my final cooking at home I made Carbonara pasta, Garlic bread, Caesar salad and Mango float. I planned my meal to have pasta that was creamy, smoky and cheesy. I also planed it to have garlic bread that was crunchy and buttery. I wanted it to have a light and refreshing caesar salad to balance the heavy pasta. Lastly for dessert I wanted to use bright yellow juicy mangos. My meal was heavenly it was everything that I envisioned it to be which was having a rich pasta, tangy salad, buttery bread and creamy float. I started with the mango float first because I knew that it would take a long time in the refrigerator. For this I did not use a recipe and I used 1 cup heavy cream, 1 can condensed milk, crushed graham and 4 mangos. It was only in the refrigerator for 3 hours but it should have been over night because it was too liquidly but the next day it was great. I moved onto the salad dressing I used a recipe from bon app├ętit called Classic Caesar Salad. Everything was easy up to the point where I had to whisk drop by drop of oil continuously it felt like my hand was going to fall off at the end. At the same time I was cooking my pasta and bacon to make the carbonara. This recipe was from Simply recipes called Spaghetti Pasta Carbonara. Last I made the garlic bread the smell of it lingered in the air when it was in the oven. I showed strength in multitasking and perseverance because I handled making the salad and pasta and kept going until I was done with the dressing and carbonara. The significance of this dish to me is first carbonara being my favorite. Also I remember when I was still in Philippines on most Sundays after church a small gathering on my dad’s side would take place and we would eat. Second the mango float is a dessert that was made a lot during my childhood since I lived in a tropical place. Third the garlic bread I thought of how a small clove could be so loud which is true for me to at times. Fourth the salad having simple roots like me. Overall I would make these dishes again as it looked, smelled and tasted delicious.


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