Our Utopian City, FNR

By Fabian, Nathan, Rohan

Our Values:

Health – Health in our city is important, whether it is mental or physical, neglecting your health can hurt you in many ways and it is best to take care of yourself. Health is shown with our Hospital.
Belongingness – Everyone should feel belonged to a group or community, in our city we have many places to connect with people. We show belongingness with places such as the park, playground, and gym. We also have the houses close together so no one feels lonely.

Fitness – Being fit and healthy is a good way to live a long and happy life. We have places where you can exercise such as the gym and soccer field.

Environment – Here we have green, trees, farms, self-grown food, and a lake. Being environmentally friendly helps not only ourselves but the Earth.

Symbolic Colours:
Green: Green represents nature, green is found almost everywhere.

Communication Reflection

This project was about working together with your peers as a group to design your ideal utopian city. We used Paint.net to create our city map. We worked as a group of 3 and communicated via text and email. We spent the first day working out what our city would look like and the values we would incorporate into it. We had a lot of ideas but we didn’t want a ton of work for everyone. My responsibility was to draw the map, the other group members worked on brainstorming ideas and creating a template. I’d say we worked together well, we all shared similar ideas. We faced problems on the first day, we were originally going to use Minecraft as our program but we ran into issues where we were having a hard time using the laptop’s touchpad so we changed to drawing our design. I’m satisfied with the final project, I had to restart my map and that gave me a lot of work to do especially with the deadline. Some areas of the map are sloppy and empty compared to others but I didn’t want to make my group wait any longer for me to finish it.


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