Week 7 – Sexuality and Gender

This is always a taboo subject, but demands recognition when analyzing literature or looking at the world. This week, we will delve mainly into the concept of gender and what it means to be a sexual being in modern society.

Here is a video I will show to you when we have time in class:

Fantastic piece on the different genders and unity.

Here are some questions we will look at this Friday:

  1. What is the definition of sexuality? What is the definition of gender? Do we really consider this to be part of our cultural identity? Is it always an obvious choice?
  2. There are many pieces of literature that have sexuality. Find one appropriate piece for the major discussion. Tell the class (or small groups) why you chose this piece. Does it define your own views on sexuality as a whole?
  3. Will our current cultural climate really accept sexuality and freedom of gender choice, or are we still steeped in the after effects of a Puritan lifestyle? Here is a place to also talk about sexuality in different cultures other than Canada / USA / Commonwealth.

Here’s a piece by Freud on the psycho-sexual stages of childhood. Please, by all means disagree with this concept, as many before you already have.



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