Week 8 – Equality

Equality is what we strive for, especially in such divided times. We have touched upon this theme a few times throughout the semester. Think about political-correctness, class systems, poverty, and the all mighty power; the power to control and the power to corrupt.

Even though Orwell’s 1984 is a fine example of equality (or the lack of equality), I have a few more pieces to show you.

This is the actual transcript from a re -enactment of Philip Zimbardo’s Stanford Prison Experiment. There are also two movies and a novel that I will note here:

Narration Stanford-w80z6o

Das Experiment (2001, Germany)

The Experiment (2013? USA)

The Lucifer Effect – Philip Zimbardo

Also with this theme, I have an important piece, also by Orwell called Animal Farm. There are strong parallels to the Russian Revolution and Stalin’s rule. Not only did I find a copy of the allegory itself, but I found a good website on the parallels. Check them both out.



These are the questions – a more generalized approach:

  1. What is equality in your own words? Can your definition of equality be achieved in this sociopolitical environment of today? (Didn’t think so, but why?)
  2. What famous works / movies / TV programs can you think of that deal with the theme of equality or a lack of equality?
  3. If people can be influenced by their environment (provincial prompt), then how can people be so blind as to follow bad leaders? Do we really know what good leadership is? Do we even need leaders?
    1. The following is a great thesis by a gentleman named A. John Simmons (University of Virginia) on the philosophy of anarchism. It’s a fascinating look at a world without leaders that won’t go to ‘hell in a hand-basket’ as it were.

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