Module 4

Part 1:  Introduction & Text 1 Welcome to the Modernism unit. Here is the power-point. I would like you to take notes as I will be going into detail about it. modernism-modernist-literature FINAL I have questions for discussion that will come right after this lecture (some during) I have a story that you will be reading tomorrow if you feel like jumping ahead: HillsPDFText Hills like WE Conversation Analysis There are questions for discussion I’d like for you to answer. These are due on Tuesday for our discussion. hills like white questions Part 2: Text 2 Let’s go over the questions together. This will be our discussion of Hemingway. When we finish the discussion – depends on the climate of class – we will start our second author. Kate Mansfield. THE-GARDEN-PARTY1921 garden_party_questions This will take us through tomorrow. No Rap tomorrow, so it will be doable. You can finish the questions as we read the text. Think about this question for a paragraph intro response: How do elements of modernism show in either Hemingway / Mansfield  Example Thesis: Throughout Hemingway’s short story HLWI, the dialogue/allusion/metaphor shows individualism and fragmentation of modernist philosophy / society. So the LITERARY ELEMENT shows ONE FACET OF MODERNISM. Part 3: Text 3 Text_-_Babylon_Revisited1 Here are the questions: Questions Babylon Revisited Part 4: Final Paper Purdy-12-Modernism-FinalV2

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