Module 6

Video Spoken Word For this assignment, you will be creating a Spoken Word. The term “Poetry Slam” is an umbrella category (not form) for any form of poem (Couplet, Rhyme, Free Verse, Alliteration, etc) meant to be performed for a live audience in a competitive environment. These performances are then judged on a numeric scale […]

Module 5

Musical Mondays Final Presentation: You have one week to complete this assignment: Musical Mondays is a celebration of what songs, albums, and artists you are currently engaged with. You will share one of these with the class. There are three parts to this assignment:   Note: This is RECORDED (Make a video and upload).   […]

Module 4

Part 1:  Introduction & Text 1 Welcome to the Modernism unit. Here is the power-point. I would like you to take notes as I will be going into detail about it. modernism-modernist-literature FINAL I have questions for discussion that will come right after this lecture (some during) I have a story that you will be […]

Module 3

Part 1: “The living always think that gold can make them happy” ― Oscar Wilde, The Happy Prince Vocab handout for this Friday. We’ll watch the rest of this We will read this: 188_The_Happy_Prince-qlfzbg We’ll look at this: Importance of Being Earnest Unit Plan-1okz67c And I’ll hand out the text for you. Tomorrow, we start. […]

Module 1

Part 1: Introduction Welcome to class! Let’s spend some time getting to know what is expected of you. These are some questions I would like for you to quickly fill out and then we can talk about them. Teams: This is where I’ll be posting daily events and discussion topics for the semester. You will […]

CLEE Daily Breakdown

June 8th – June 12th, 2020 Hand in your Brains by this Monday. I will be giving you another project, the final one for the semester and answering questions about it on Tuesday. We have two motivational videos this week. Very different people, but aren’t we all? Tuesday: Sylvester Stallone Thursday: Marie Curie Here’s the […]

Creative Writing Daily Breakdown

June 15th – June 19th, 2020 You’re graduating this week. Today, in fact! I’m proud of all of you getting through this class, and your K-12 education. It’s a huge deal and you’ll probably know that sometime in your 30’s. I have the final assignment. It’s a small reflection based on a publishing piece. I […]