Grade 10 Daily Breakdown

Friday, January 18th, 2019

Well, we made it to the last day of class. I have enjoyed both A & B block, and it will be hard to top the quality and personality of these two classes next semester.

For our final day, you have time to finish your storyboards and paragraphs, then look at each others to critique and compare.

Thursday, January 17th, 2019

Today you start the good copy of your storyboards. So I’d like for you to get with your groups and plan out a good outline of what you’ll do (started yesterday) and get started on the good draft that’s due at the end of class tomorrow.

2 days left!

Wednesday, January 16th, 2019

So you’re committing to a scene. Every group has about 5 minutes to discuss which scene you will be making a storyboard out of.

I will give a very brief lecture on how to do a storyboard.


Each person in the group should have a different role in order to complete a good final presentation.


Note taker for 5 different cinematic elements

Paragraph writer for expert element


Morale booster? (A job for either Cole or Miles, probably)

Rough draft due by the end of today.

Tuesday, January 15th, 2019

We are continuing the Back to the Future ‘expert’ groups today. Please have the packages out so that you can start taking notes and being accountable for sharing your work with others after the movie is over. Tomorrow, you’ll start your storyboards.

Think about a scene you really like! Then look for it in this link:


The above is a working final draft of the movie.

Monday, January 14th, 2019

First things: We have a screening of Back to the Future 2 today.

I need to check your Meet Joe Black stuff.

You need to get into five groups.

  1. Lighting
  2. Framing / angles
  3. Camera Movement
  4. Music / sound
  5. Editing

In these groups, you will ONLY focus on what you’ve been assigned.

You have 20 minutes at the ending of class to compare your notes with other ‘jigsaw’ groups. I will check to see if you’re representing your group correctly.

Friday, January 11th, 2019

We have a lot to do. I’m putting 3 days of work into one class. By the end of class, I’d like you to be very familiar with film terminology.

Here’s a package of all the handouts I’ll be giving to you over the next week:

Film as Lit BFII 10’s-1o80bkj

I will be giving you hard copies as well. The above is just for absent kids.

  1. Film survey (to be turned in)
  2. Handout on film terminology + film on the terminology for visual learners. The film is on Wednesday’s class daily breakdown.
  3. Quick school walk around with your own cameras
  4. Meet Joe Black – observations of the 1st scene.

Can we do it? Yes.

Thursday, January 10th, 2019

This is your final day to get things done. I take them this evening and grade. Get them in, hard copy. Hope for the best. Tomorrow we have a very busy day ahead of us.

Good luck.

Wednesday, January 9th, 2019

So far, you’ve been working somewhat well with your assignments. By now, your outline should be finished. Please check with me to see if you have gotten it down well enough. If you feel like you have everything under control, then wonderful.

Here’s a rubric – generic, but keeps you on the right path.


Tuesday, January 8th, 2019

At the end of class today, I would like for you to have something I can look at, so that I know you’re on track.

Remember that you can always talk to me about any problems you have regarding this assignment. There is a lot of freedom to really work with your own connective ideas.

The format is very similar to the Inception essay (Time Travel unit?).

Tuneful Tuesdays Amtoje and Kyle


Monday, January 7th, 2019

Welcome back, class. I am happy to see you all again and I hope that you’ve had a good break.

So these next two days will be getting back into the swing of things by completing your Indian Horse comparison and contrast essay.

You have a choice to compare or contrast the book to:

  1. The graphic novel: Sugar Falls
  2. The short Story: What you Pawn, I will Redeem
  3. RISKY: Something of your choice, approved by me.

This is due on Thursday.

Friday, I will teach you our final unit: Film in Literature. We will start with the vocabulary you need. Then we’ll watch a movie – analyze it, discuss it, complete a in depth storyboard on a scene of your choice and then… You’ve finished English 10.

Friday, December 21st

Have  a great holiday, class. It’s been a great year.

Here’s the comparison / contrast essay rubric and structure for those of you that have an urge to get things done over the break.

C and C Assignment 10 ’18 Indian Horse-1tsvmwj

Thursday, December 20th

So today is a graded discussion. I will give you about 20 / 30 minutes to finish talking about your question and write down a response – then I would like for you to present your question – people can respond to this presentation in any way that connects to them.

This discussion should take the whole class. If not, I have more to do.

Wednesday, December 19th

Finish that book today. I would love to talk about it a little later.

Here are the questions again. I will assign you a question number at the end of class today. I’m looking forward to our culminating conversation.

Tuesday, December 18th

Chapters 37- (45?) together – hopefully more. I want to aggressively finish this book by tomorrow.

There will be a graded discussion at the end of this book – Thursday – in order to make sense of the final paper which I will also attach to this blog post.

Here are the questions:

1. Readers of Indian Horse report a range of emotions and reactions to the novel. Ask the members of your group to complete the following sentence: After reading Indian Horse, I felt _____and_____ . Do the readers’ answers indicate similar or different reading experiences? Discuss reasons that could account for varying experiences.

2. The narrative framework of many literary works is a three-act structure: setup, conflict, and resolution. Does Indian Horse have this framework? If so, what do you consider to be the setting and key circumstances for each of its three acts. Which of the acts had the most impact on you and why?

3. What role does “family” play in the life of Saul Indian Horse? What constitutes “family” in this novel? Discuss examples of “family” strength, weakness, and powerlessness in the story.

4. Richard Wagamese has said, “…all of us have an intuitive connection to the planet….” To what degree do you feel a connection to nature? What comes to you when you sit quietly in your backyard, a park, or conservation area? Did your own experiences help you identify with Saul’s sense of connection to the land? What impact does Saul’s connection to the land have on him?

5. Saul has a strong spiritual connection to his ancestors. What do the ancestors teach him? What is the impact of those teachings? Does your own cultural tradition revere ancestors and connect you vibrantly with them? If not, do you think it ever did?

6. Saul is sent to a residential school. What techniques did Richard Wagamese use to portray the residential school experience? How effective do you think those techniques are? If you’ve read other books with a residential school setting, did their authors use similar or different techniques? How effective were those techniques?

7. Hockey is critical to Saul’s story. He speaks about the “snow white stage,” the “white glory of a rink,” and “the feel of the rink on my face.” What does hockey come to mean to Saul and why? Are all his hockey experiences affirming? Near the end of the book, when Saul returns to hockey, he comments, “I understood then that when you miss a thing it leaves a hole that only the thing you miss can fill.” Can you relate to that understanding? Do you agree with it?

8. In addition to being a multi-award winning author, Richard Wagamese is an accomplished storyteller in the oral tradition. At the beginning of Indian Horse, Saul, a self-described “hardcore drunk,” is skeptical when told that story-sharing is an effective form of therapy. However, motivated by expediency, he does commit to “writing things down.” In her National Post review of Indian Horse, Donna Bailey Nurse said that Wagamese “seamlessly braids together his two traditions: English literary and aboriginal oral.” What storytelling characteristics are evident in Indian Horse? What impact do you feel they have on the novel? Do you agree with Nurse’s assessment?

9. Did Indian Horse introduce you to or further acquaint you with information and issues related to the experience of Aboriginal peoples in Canada? Which topics and issues were new to you? Do you feel Saul’s story has given you a better understanding of Aboriginal peoples and issues?
Richard Wagamese has said that Indian Horse “…was a story clamoring to be told in a way that was empowering – that was not preachy, threatening or guilt inducing.” Do you feel Indian Horse is, in fact, a story told in a way that is empowering and not preachy, threatening or guilt inducing? Why or why not?

EXTRA: Would you read Indian Horse again? Why or why not?

Monday, December 17th

Chapters 29-36 we will be reading silently today. Please remember what you did on Thursday. We will work this way.

Tomorrow, we will be reading together, so make sure you get through chapter 36.

Friday, December 14th

Chapters 23-28 together. Seems like all of you read well yesterday. I like that, so we will continue the trend on Monday.

But today – let’s get some good people to read.

Thursday, December 13th

Chapters 11-22 Solo. If you want to stay in the class, make sure it is quiet. If you have partners, please know that I will ask you to leave if you’re noisy.

If you read like me, everything has to be nice and quiet – just you and the book.

Take these questions into consideration for tomorrow:

  1. What was the effect of the residential school experience on Saul’s parents? Be sure to discuss the difference between his mother and father.
  2. Who are Saul’s siblings and what happened to them?
  3. What evidence is there of racism when the family moves to the town? What struggles do they encounter?  Is there any evidence of hope?
  4. Why does the family move to God’s Lake?
  5. What does Saul discover from his vision at God’s Lake?
  6. Analyze the culture clash between the generations; the traditional and those influenced by the Zhaunagush. Compare Grandma’s ideas and Saul’s mother’s. What do they argue about?
  7. Why do his parents abandon grandma and Saul? This is a complex answer. Discuss.

Wednesday, December 12th

This is a tentative reading schedule for the book – small exercises will be scattered, but the plan is to get through this book by the break!

Wednesday 12th: Chapters 1-10 Together

Thursday 13th: Chapters 11-22 Solo

Friday 14th: Chapters 23-28 Together

Monday 17th: Chapters 29-36 Solo

Tuesday 18th: Chapters 37-39 Together

Wednesday 19th: Chapters 40-48 Solo

Thursday 20th: Chapters 49-56 Together.

-Final project hand out (Monday of next week). Due on the Wednesday (9th of January) we return.

Tuesday, December 11th

I will explain each question first. There have been a few questions on this assignment and today is the day to have those questions answered.

Now –  I am excited for the Tuneful Tuesdays – perhaps the last one for block A.

Block A: Parker, Dylan, David?

Block B: Izzy, Isabelle, Franscine & Sadaf

Also, in block B, we have a monologue by Morgan Oliver who has invoked Hemingway for the day.

Monday, December 10th

Graphic novel: Sugar Falls continued.

So this morning, we will be finishing up the questions you have done for me – then we will be going over the questions together as a class.

After this is finished, We will take a look at the book Indian Horse and see if we can do this assignment first.

Introduction Activities-2cwen3k

I also have actual printouts of this assignment.

Friday, December 7th

Graphic novel: Sugar Falls.

This is a very good little story. I don’t have enough books to go around, but you can share and enjoy it.

After that, there is an individual assignment that I would like for you to do. I will put it on the blog if you prefer a hard copy.


This is the class today. Monday, we begin one of the best novels I’ve read in a long time: Indian Horse.

Thursday, December 6th

Pawn Story-2kbezrm

First thing is to finish those questions generated by the Sherman Alexie short story. The finalized ones are above.

Discussion – first group and then class – will take as long as it takes.

Then, it’s time for a little graphic assignment that will take us (supposedly) through Friday. This is Mrs. Thomasen’s file, as she has taught this unit before and she’s pretty smart / awesome.

On Monday (again, a tentative schedule) we will begin one of my favorite books: Indian Horse.

Wednesday, December 5th

Today, we will be reading a story without introduction.

What you Pawn, I will Redeem Alexie-15dk5yr

I also have hard copies of this.

Here are some questions to think about before we move on to a graphic novel.

This unit is discussion heavy. I would like for you to be attentive and have respect for the material we will be discussing.


Tuesday, December 4th

Today, you can finalize your projects. We will start with our Tuneful Tuesdays at the time stated:

Erricka, Myranda, Violeta: 9:55AM

tuneful tuesday project-1nf542g

Deniz, Ulrik, Tim: 11:05AM

English 10 – Tuneful Tuesday – Final Project-1agjzg9

Tomorrow, we will start our First Nations unit. We will begin with a short story – one of my absolute favorites – that I will have questions for you to answer. I will expect a good discussion from these questions. We will be getting into some serious discussion over the next 3 weeks, so please be ready.

Monday, December 3rd

Today is the day to hand in your podcasts.

Both today and tomorrow, we will be working on the independent projects that will be due at the end of class tomorrow. This is an extremely strict enforcement as I am on a schedule to get our novel unit finished by the end of this year.

This is why I’m letting you work on the assignment for both days instead of just one.

Here is the rubric (pretty standard) for the independent novel study:


November 30th

It’s Friday, Morgan! (et al)

Today is the podcast – this will be an all class event and your edits will be over the weekend.

Since the files will be larger ones, I would like you to send them to the gmail account:

this is due on MONDAY, DECEMBER 3rd.

Here are the instructions for the podcast:

Get into the groups assigned yesterday. I will read them out again.

  1. read your summaries to each other. Talk about the book you have just read candidly, freely. Talk about the themes present in the book. Others can comment, but not interrupt. Those of you that turned in your summaries yesterday – I have read and graded. I will hand those back to you.
  2. This document:    Independent book questions podcast-14ep0cl     has all of the questions that you can ask others and have ideas about your own book. Ask and answer at your own pace and cadence.
  3. For the final part of your talk, I would like for you all in the group to come up with a common theme that is shared. Then I would like for you to come up with a kind of ‘theme statement’ that encompasses all of your novels. We can talk about this before you start.

NOTE: This is a collaborative work. Everyone will be graded equally based on the flow and continuity of the conversation. Any negative comments towards others are not welcome. Ironically, I hate negativity.

November 29th


First thing: I will be grouping you into podcast teams for tomorrow. I will have checked off your summary and given it back tomorrow. Think of a theme you’d like to explore with your groups.

Second thing: Your summaries are due today, no excuses. Have them printed out – ready to go. Today is a quiet day to look over your independent novel study ideas and have a rough draft by the end of class.

Despite this being an independent class, I will ask students who are not working  to go outside, so as to not disturb those who are actually doing their work.

I will be here for the whole block to help you with anything and answer any questions you might have.

November 28th

Wednesday… (sigh)

So if there are any extraneous spoken words, it’s your duty to tell me. We do the final votes today after the final presentations. They are due today at 12PM.

Today will be, predominately, the exploration of your independent projects for your novel study. Please get those books out today. We will also be finding groups for the podcasts on theme. I will explain this a little more later as the recorded conversations take place on Friday.

  1. For today, I’d like for you to come up with a brief summary – typed or handwritten – on your book. This summary should be formal and have a reflective opinion (just like the time travel reflections).
  2. Make up your mind as to how you will be showing me this book’s impact to you for the final project. Below is the guide that I showed you yesterday.

Independent Project Final-wq2wbg

November 27th

Happy Tuesday.

Let’s get the spoken words out the way – or at least some of them before we go into spoken word. I think that as long as we have 35 minutes for the spoken word, we’ll be OK.

So today, we will be enjoying our Tuneful Tuesdays. First, in A block, we have:

whats up class-1k1kbpv

Ali, Alannah, Rojeen, Kyle, Sammy

and in B block we have

Tuneful Tuesday Final-26yt0tp

Richelle, Alizee & Sharad

November 26th

Happy Monday.

We will be doing our spoken word presentations today. We will start with volunteers, then we will have a listing from my class roster. Don’t go today? No deal for other days.

This week will be a good one. We will be doing Tuneful Tuesdays first, then we will be going over the independent reading project which you will have time to complete for Friday.

Then, starting next week, we will be starting our in class novel unit. This book is called Indian Horse. We will be reading it entirely in class.

November 23rd

Vocabulary test (The last one of the year) #6

I heard that you were good students yesterday. Thank you for your hard work.

I want to do a quick check in with each and every one of you about how your spoken word is coming along. It is due on Monday – that is showtime. So I want it to be ready for when we start our day.

Please don’t waste your time. If you don’t do it – you get a nice robust zero.

November 22nd

Today is a block to work on your spoken word. Please use it wisely as you’ll be presenting your memorized work on Monday.

After the vocabulary test on Friday, I would like to see a few finished rough drafts so that I can better assess how you’re doing.

November 21st

Today is a showing of our found poems  – brought together through other people’s words to something original.

All you have to do is go to the front of class, recite your poem and then we’ll all guess the meaning / theme behind it.

After this, we will watch a few ‘good’ spoken words. (Block A knows what I’m talking about) We will discuss what makes a good spoken word work.

Tomorrow, I will be gone and you have the whole class to work on your own original spoken word. Spread out, research some good ideas, and get into it. Passion is good if used right.

I’ll see your parents tonight?

November 20th

Independent Reading Study – Next week you work on your final. Get your books done by this Sunday. IMPORTANT.

Tuneful Tuesdays!

For Block A, we have Cam / Matt / Michael / Josh

Tuneful Tuesday Project-1fnxt47

For Block B, we have Saba / Jillian / Janice / Raghad / Sophia

Tuneful Tuesday Presentation B-yo7948

November 19th


This is Vocab # 6: Lesson 15-1o3twwl

Today is the beginning of our week long slam poetry unit. For two days, we will be doing little projects on the creation of poetry. After this, we will be having a 2 day workshop then the final presentation this Friday.

A little lecture is next.

Cliches in spoken word: Let’s make a document!

Questions to consider before we group up again:

  1. What are some tired themes in spoken word?
  2. What is a popular spoken word you’ve seen?
  3. What are some spoken words that make you cringe?
  4. What would be classed as a ‘tolerable’ spoken word?

This is the fist project:

Found Poem:

We will be looking at different random magazines and cutting out poems onto white paper.

This is to show that art is everywhere – creativity is so subjective that even in Christian Science Monitor or Thrasher Magazine, there can be an original work with a theme that’s completely out of its original context.

You will present this by the end of class.

November 16th

Continue and finalize your short stories today. Continue with peer collaboration. Continue mending your grammar and mechanics.

This will be our Friday. Monday we start slam poetry for the next 3-5 days and after that we get to our novel study which we will read entirely in class and you’ll perform some activities outside of class.

November 15th

Today, you’re spending the first part of class continuing your short stories. I have already seen some excellent ideas. If you are finished (there is a small percentage) please continue to work on this – good stories need a few drafts in order to be perfect.

Since I am giving you ample time to finish this project, I will be very strict on vocabulary choice and grammar. I hate to read a good story only to see sloppy work with mechanics.

I have peer review papers for you to use. I have some online here:

Short Story Rubric-1u7e325

And I have others printed out that  you can use.

Please don’t waste time today. I won’t be reading your rough draft. I only want a polished final draft in which you will give to me on Monday.

November 14th

Today is a rare one in that I have no lecture or things to talk about other than get your short story finished – have a draft for tomorrow when we re doing the peer review. I will be catching up with a few other things up here at the front of class.

Please use your time well – don’t waste it.

November 13th

Silent reading today to get back into the vibe of class.

For the B block, there is a vocab test and your grades for the report cards are finalized. If you want to change them, then we have to wait until next term.

Tuneful Tuesdays:

A: James, Seth, Justin, Jayden, Roland

tuneful tuesday project-1izzg9g

B: Emily, Rowan, Morgan Mercedes

song project (002)-18ilcvv

If we have time, then we can work on your short stories – I think that I will extend the time until Friday of this week. It will take a week for me to grade these as for each class, it’s like reading a short novel…

November 8th

Vocab #5 test. Get out blank paper.

Let’s jump right into a workshop. Here is the rubric for the short story. It is due on Thursday the 15th of November at the end of class.


Short Story Rubric-1u6zr4z

Wednesday a rough draft is due for peer editing – this will be the whole class, so I will be very strict in having you complete the assignment for this time.

For the next few days, you will be able to work on this story in class. Please don’t waste your time on this. It is a time for work and collaboration only.

Friday, we will be starting spoken word!

November 7th

1st, what is the theme and time travel concept of your story so far? Don’t worry, it doesn’t have to be exact right now. I’ll see who has an idea.

What is a plot diagram?


Language used:

Narration / Exposition / rising action / climax / falling action / denouement /characterization / motivation / theme / conflict

Calvin and Hobbes: The character and a few comics that show motivation:


Here is a strip without dialogue:

Image result for calvin and hobbes without words

And another one:


  1. What connects these four panels?
  2. How is the narrative projected through the visual design?
  3. How do these visuals show character motivations?

Get into groups and then I’d like for you to do these three things on the paper I have provided for you:

  1. write a summary of the story at the bottom.
  2. Justify why a certain part of the comic is at a certain place on the plot diagram.
  3. Answer the previous questions:
  • What connects these panels?
  • How is the narrative projected through the visual design?
  • How do these visuals show character motivations?

Be prepared to show your finished product to the class, including all elements we’ve discussed.

November 6th

Silent reading 10 minutes.

Tuneful Tuesdays today!

Kristian Sison-23g4smq

Kristian Sison (Freedom and Black Effect)-1tyvbmq

B Block: Ella / Myra / Miles

tuneful tuesdays – class version-2o6iuay

Remember, you’re graded on your participation. It’s up to you to keep track of your participation level. At the end of this, I’ll ask for you to do a self assessment  – I will then gauge that with my own tally marks on what you got. If you didn’t participate enough, I’d like to know why.

November 5th

A little shock for some of you:

I’m handing out the progress reports. If you want to kill a few of the zeroes, then you have until Wednesday. Here is the plan:

  1. Underline / highlight the assignment on this progress report
  2. Put the assignment in order and staple it to the progress report.
  3. Wednesday 7th of November is the last day for late assignments.

Silent reading 10 minutes

Vocabulary handout:

Lesson 14-17r13un

We’ll check some of the words together.

Today, we will be going over a time travel story and having you brainstorm with a group on what a good time travel story means to you. There will be a lot of writing, but at the same time, we will have a lot of connecting ideas that will lead into tomorrow’s lesson – which will be another experiment like the cliche one.

Here’s a handout I would like for you to look at:

Time Travel Short Story Ideas-13ee55s

Read it and tell me of other ‘paradoxes’ there could be in order to clarify a theme.

Remember your essay?

Your short story is the same -only you’re the creator, not the analyst.

  1. find a theme you’d like to explore
  2. figure out a plot (We’ll go over plot tomorrow)
  3. Figure out a time travel device
  4. think of the right characters.
  5. Write!!!

November 2nd

Silent reading 10-15 minutes

Today, you have the time to work on your essays that are due on Monday. Please don’t spend this time frivolously.

I will come around to help and will be at the front of class in case you need some guidance as well.

Let’s finish this Friday with a strong effort. Next week is a four day week for you lucky people.

November 1st

Silent reading 15 minutes

We have finished the movie. I am glad that we are done, and now can get to work on this final essay.

You have a very good idea on what a time travel story should contain. We will get to plot devices and plot holes soon enough, but today is about a formal essay regarding inception and then how they can be connected to another work we have read.

The works are as follows:

The Gernsback Continuum: Alternate reality

Is there anybody there?: Connection through ‘wormhole’ in time

The Most Important Thing in the World: Time alteration

The Seventh Voyage: Parallel timelines

Yesterday was Monday: Stepping out of Time (4th dimension)

Inception: Manipulation of time within the universe of the mind.

What I’d like for you to do is make a clear mind map today looking at the works we have read, while inception is your major primary source. Today – you make a graphic on blank paper in order to show me what your theory paper is about.

  1. Find a common theme between Inception and a work of your choice.
  2. In both pieces, tell me about the time philosophy
  3. Give examples from the movie and the story of your choice relating to the theme and the time philosophy
  4. Make a visual graphic showing the connections
  5. Hand it in at the end of class and be prepared tomorrow to write for the whole class about what you’ve brainstormed today.

October 30th

Silent reading 15 minutes

The presenters today for class Tuneful Tuesdays (Let’s see how these brave young men do) are:

Frenchie, GF and Cole for Block A

document for the class-wdmgb5

Shawn for block B

Save you-1zwvjtf

Please give them the respect they deserve, as it is always hardest to go first. If you take a look at your Tuneful Tuesdays final, you will see that the audience has a grade as well. I have a checklist that determines how well you participate. Throughout these presentations, you will have to participate 10 times.

Tuneful Tuesdays Final V2-us4vib

If we have time afterwards, we will continue Inception.

October 29th

Silent reading 10 minutes.

Then: Inception!


How are the concepts of time travel in Inception related to one of the short stories you have read? Use examples from both sources in order to write a full, well developed essay.

October 26th

Silent reading 10 minutes.

Vocab test. Study for five minutes.

Ok: Take a look at this before we start Inception today.


You will be writing an essay, following this structure, on the following prompt.

How are the concepts of time travel in Inception related to one of the short stories you have read? Use examples from both sources in order to write a full, well developed essay.

You will have time after the movie is over to finish this essay. Refer back to your reflections to clarify your ideas.

October 25th

Silent reading 10 minutes.

Questions for the final story: “Yesterday was Monday”

Reader Response time.

Here are the questions for both A & B Block:

Yesterday was Monday RR Questions-11dg4ih

October 24th

Silent reading for 15 minutes today.

Let’s finish off “Yesterday was Monday” as it is a perfect title for today.

Then we’ll come up with your final reflection questions and you have time in class to complete it. If everything goes well, then you can have it done by Thursday, the 25th – we are starting the movie tomorrow and we will be shifting gears. It’s up to you to really get that final reflection in. By now, they should be almost perfect, as you have done 4 others.

October 23rd

Silent reading for 10 minutes approximately.

We have an in class write on the Tuneful Tuesdays of your choice. I will explain a little bit and then you’ll be ready to go. The whole thing should take no more than 45 minutes – if you’re finished earlier, please don’t talk. You can read your books until the bell rings.

October 22nd

Silent reading so that we can get back into our class mind.

Vocabulary today:

Lesson 13-2l5hsis

We will be reading our final story before the movie and final essay (that I’ll give you a structure for).

Same drill – get ready for a week of lots of writing. I’ll be getting ready for the grading part…

Tomorrow: Final paragraph on Tuneful Tuesdays of you choice.

Wednesday: The movie (12 Monkeys or Primer) starts today with this in mind:

What attributes of a time travel story are in the movie—-?

Also your final reflection is due.

Thursday: Movie keeps going – hopefully finishing.

Friday: Explain the structure of the final essay. Vocab test – outlines in class.

October 18th 

Silent reading continues.

I have a little lecture on Cliches I would like to complete today. After which, you will do a reflection on it. I am also going to document some of your work with my camera (if it’s any good).

October 17th

Today, we will start with silent reading, then we’ll have some time to complete the reader responses. This will be a quiet day.

Reader Responses for both A & B Bloc:

Seventh Voyage RR Questions-1kq58vh

Tomorrow, I am giving a lecture on cliches – this is a break from the norm, as we have been doing a lot of reading and writing lately.

If you’re finished the reader response before the end of class, please don’t look up pictures of Pamela Anderson. Please continue silent reading.

October 16th

Tuneful Tuesdays:

Tuneful Tuesdays #6 V2-1vxcuyl

First, however, we will finish that mind teaser of a story. It’s your job to come up with some questions and then talk to me about them first thing on Wednesday.

I have some news for you regarding your presentations – good or bad – depends on your perspective.

October 15th

Silent reading today – let’s go for 15 minutes to get that weekend smell gone.

We have a new story – this is #4. It is called The Seventh Voyage. For this story, I have the Word Document attached here:

THe Seventh Voyage Text-1o1arhd

We will finish today – and let’s try and come up with some questions so that you can finish your 4th reflection (Due first thing Thursday, 18th of October)

Tuesday and Wednesday are Tuneful Tuesdays projects.

October 12th

Silent reading continues,

We have a vocabulary test today.

Here are the A block questions;

A Block Questions 3-so069b

B Block still has to come up with the questions.

You have the rest of the class to complete a reflection. Then… Have a nice weekend.

October 11th

Silent reading continues.

Handout for Tuneful Tuesdays final sign up (for real this time).

We will finish the story today. You will have 15 minutes with your groups to come up with some good questions for the 3rd reflection. I will post them immediately after we discuss. We have time in class to finish this today as well.

This reader response is worth a little more than the others. I will give you some time in class to finish this one. Tomorrow, if we have time, I’d like to come up with some ideas for a good time travel short story. I have a handout.

October 10th

Silent reading continues.

Handout for Tuneful Tuesdays Final sign up.

The next story is a long one. For both classes, this will take some time. Tomorrow, you will be writing the response in class as a minor letter grade. We can start today, finish tomorrow and then you can get right on the response. (Which is due Friday)

October 9th

Vocabulary #3 today. Here it is:

Lesson 12-2arhr0y

Tuneful Tuesdays. Today – 2 songs, same artist: Tupac

Tuneful Tuesdays #5 V2-1xzu4vu

Also, here are the Tuneful Tuesdays final instructions. I will be handing out sign up sheets tomorrow.

Tuneful Tuesdays Final V2-us4vib

October 5th

Silent Reading continues.

So this class will be a response class to the story: Is There anybody There?

For 15 minutes, I want you to come up, with your groups, 3 good questions that try and reach the heart of the story. Write them down and be prepared to discuss those questions as a class.

After that, you have about (I’m thinking) 45-50 minutes to finish a 2nd reader response in the class. Don’t fall behind on these. We will be going quite fast from now on, now that you know what the structure of these stories will be about.

Without any excuse, it is due Monday!!!

The next story will be long, but very easy to understand. These are the questions updated for Block A & B:

Is There Anybody There Questions A-10d05a3

October 4th

Silent reading continues.

So, you who havent’ finished the first reader response, it is time for you to hand it in right away.

Today will be simple: Try and finish Is There Anybody There?

Think about the questions you’ll be talking to your groups about as we read. I will stop you in random intervals to explore some really interesting concepts. I need your full attention for this lesson.

October 3rd

Silent reading continues. Just FYI here is the outline of what you’ll be doing with silent reading, so you know there’s an endgame.

Independent Project Final-wn5jnp

Also, for the A block class, there was a lot of good ideas for the short story. B block can get some ideas from them. Here’s the incomplete sheet for your reader response that we’ll be doing today. B Block, we’ll quickly be going over this as a class, but by the end of today, there will be a full paragraph that you will be turning in – the ‘reader response’.

Here are the ideas:

Gernsback Continuum RR Questions-1obs7m2

And the handout I gave on Friday:

Reader Response TTU-vvf93g

October 2nd

Silent Reading continues. This Friday, you will find out exactly where this is leading.

Tuneful Tuesdays –

Tuneful Tuesdays #4 V2-24hqs5t

Let’s get soulful.

Sam Cooke / Otis Redding.

Tomorrow, be prepared to do a reader response of our story. B Block is a little behind on this endeavor and we’ll play it by ear.

October 1st

Silent reading today – wonderful times. I hope you had a good weekend.

We will finish the story as a class. This should be the second time you’ve read it. Then – with your groups, I would like for you to put together three questions for  classroom discussion. You have 15 minutes to complete this assignment. (Answers included)

I will have a blank document to choose one of the three questions.

The 5/6 best questions will be the ones you can choose for your reader response.

The reader response is due tomorrow at the beginning of class.

And we start our second story tomorrow…

September 28th

Vocab test #2

So today, we will try and get through what I have planned for the ‘short story’ section of this unit.

The first short story is by William Gibson and is called: The Gernsback Continuum.

You will not be doing those boring worksheets that come with short stories. We will be doing something completely different. I will explain everything, of course. Here is the handout for it if you want to know before I give a brief lecture.

Reader Response TTU-vvf93g

I will walk you very closely through the first one so that you get it. We will be doing five.

This story might be a little bit strange as it has concepts that are foreign to you. Here is a good write up on the work I found while doing my own research.

Making Sense of the Gernsback Continuum

William Gibson’s short story illustrates how popular culture and public life are heterogeneous; they are not stable, solid, immutable forces. Rather, our notion of public life includes bits and pieces and fragments of many alternative visions of ideal human interaction. The title refers to Hugo Gernsback, an early twentieth century pulp fiction editor whose bold and vivid stories shaped our collective imagination of the future.

The ‘continuum’ refers to a conceptual space, an alternative universe that exists along side our own – and occasionally intersects with our ‘real’ world. This space includes a range of probabilities from the most concrete and sensible to the most abstract and fantastic visions of public life. The Gernsback Continuum is a broad arc of intersecting futures with alternative implications for public life. We can visit this continuum through various means; some are legal and safe, others illegal and dangerous.

September 27th

Short class today.

Let’s finish the video, talk about it, and then get to this assignment:

Read a passage – it’s long – and then focus on what the major points are. I will go around the room and ask you to read an excerpt.

My goal for this reading is for you to quickly take the knowledge you need from an academic text. I will explain this in detail before you get started.

Happy Terry Fox Run day!

September 26th

Silent Reading for 15 minutes.

I will check your first three Tuneful Tuesdays assignments and record the grade this evening.

Discussion Questions:

  1. What is the definition of Science Fiction?
  2. What are some examples of science fiction stories? (Movies, Manga, Fiction etc.)
  3. Is science fiction an effective genre? Why or why not?
  4. What sub-genres of science fiction can you think of?

Read a non-fiction article on what science fiction is – specifically  regarding Time. (Hard Copy.)

Write a one paragraph response, summarizing and reflecting on what this means. This is an individual assignment.

I’m happy to give you this, my primary source of this unit – provided by a tech savvy student in A block:

The Time Traveler’s Almanac-r47fal

September 25th

So we have an evacuation drill today. Let’s stay together during that.

But first, we will do a Tuneful Tuesdays #3

Tuneful Tuesdays #3 V2-2c5cgqu

Make sure to read the questions and listen to the instructions before you complete this. I will check to see if you’re getting the concepts alright.

I will also double check your previous assignments because it all links to a mid-term paper analysis in about 3 weeks.

Independent reading will be cut to 10 minutes today.

September 24th

Here are the vocabulary words for today. Let’s spend some time finding sentences for these and I will call out for examples after the time has passed.


Lesson 11-1rhqt4t

Silent reading continues. We will spend 15 minutes on this.

Now it’s time for a new, fresh unit. It is all on time travel. Here is the outline for this unit:

Time Travel Short Fiction Introduction-1fy9mio

And I have a piece that is a printout. We will look at it together after you finish reading it.

Charles Yu: Top 10 Tips for Time Travelers

September 20th

Lots to do today.

A Block: 1:09:30

B Block: 1:04:40 (And I still need to check your Tuneful Tuesdays)

-Richelle, I have your book – Just get it from me

After we finish the lion king, we will have 15 minutes of a nice silent reading. Ask yourself some questions about the characters and the plot – Is it predictable?

Final thing: Get ready for your essay. I want to know what lens you will be doing. I also would like to know how you will be attacking this essay. I have a printed out copy of the 10 sentence structure I’d like for you to complete by Monday.

Final Lenses Paper-1m681df

Final thing:

What makes a formal essay? Let’s have a discussion on this.

September 19th

This is a shortened day today because of RAP so I would like to get to work straight away.

So first, I would like to send the Independent book list around and have you each fill it in.

Then it’s time for The Lion King!

Remember – tomorrow, you will be writing an in class paragraph on your Lion King lens, so I’d like for you to take notes. These notes will be the only thing you can bring into class tomorrow. There’s no “Google help.”

September 18th

Welcome to another Tuneful Tuesdays. I am glad you all have the basics of my expectations down. Now we are going to go one step further and have questions relating to the songs that will make you think in small groups. This will also help you with your comparison and contrast of detailed quotes.

Here is the link. This is what you will use today:

Tuneful Tuesdays #2 V2-28208i3

The Roots and Lauryn Hill.

September 17th

Independent book list:

Book Signup-1hh3me8

Think about a book you want to read. go on your local library website or goodreads.

Sign up for a book you’re interested in. We’ll start silent reading on Wednesday.

Turn in your paragraph (Rough and revision – 2 papers) at the beginning of class. Print it out BEFORE class.

PowerPoint on lenses in The Lion King.

Introduction to Literary Theory Grid Grade 10-2ipm6k2

Handout of more lenses grid.

Lion King start??? Oh please, let’s start today…

September 14th

I’m going to check to see if your paragraphs are done. This is our first task.

Next: Vocabulary test #1 – This will all be on a blank piece of lined paper. Remember: If I can’t read it – you don’t get the marks. Put your name on the top!!!!

Now – We will be finishing the class with a peer edit based on this structure:

As a peer editor, I want you to focus on these tasks:

  1. Check first for grammar and syntax issues. Correct these.
  2. Check for content. Does the writing flow from one idea to the next?
  3. Check for errors in logic. Does ‘B’ follow ‘A’ and so on?
  4. Check the thesis statement. Do the major details follow?
  5. Check the vocabulary choices. Is the writing very elementary?

NOW – Re-write the paragraph using this structure:


Sentence 1 – Topic Sentence – contains the title of the piece of literature, the writer’s full name, and your topic. If this is an answer to an assigned question, then your topic sentence might be a rewording of the question into a statement. (a thesis statement, your statement to prove)

Sentence 2 – Main Point #1, One way the writer does what you say he or she does is through…

Sentence 3Example/Reference or quotation #1. The best example from the piece of literature which supports you main idea #1.

Sentence 4 and 5 – The explanation in your own words of how/why this example/quote does what you say it does. This section is where you develop your answer and prove your thesis.

Sentence 6 –   Main Point #2. Another way the writer does what you say he or she does is…

Sentence 7Example/Reference or quotation #2. The best example from the piece of literature which supports you main idea #2.

Sentence 8 and 9 – The explanation of how/why this example/quote does what you say it does. This section is where you develop your answer and prove your thesis.

Sentence 10– Concluding Sentence. Minimally: summarize your paragraph repeating some of the key words from the question. Better: relate this literary device/technique to the effectiveness of the whole composition and how the device/technique helps the author develop the theme, or, relate the composition’s theme to real life.

Rewrite your paragraphs like this.

Monday, we will be going over a few things (PPT / Lens review / Literary lenses essay structure)

September 13th

So I will check to see if everything is completed. I circled the lens through which your fairy tale should be seen.

There’s not too much time today, so you have the class to take the information on the graphic organizer and write a rough copy of a lens paper.

Tomorrow, you will be using a template to put your work all in order as a second draft.

So good luck! The rough paper is due today at the end of class.

September 12th

First, I’m going to check what’s going on with your Tuneful Tuesday assignment. There was a little sidetracking going on with a few of you. I’m excited to see your end result. Next week, we’ll continue on those lines.

The rest of the class, since this is a shortened day, we will work on finding out what lenses you can look through in order to see your story differently.

This lens paper is due today at the end of class, because I have a plan for the next two days that involve actually writing a paper. Next week will be Lion King!

September 11th

We’re starting something new today: Tuneful Tuesdays. I will be continuing this with you for six weeks then you’re on your own – ready to do the presentations by yourself.

I have an introduction handout here for you to read on your device:

Tuneful Tuesdays Introcuction-1440sn9

Here are the devices you will be learning:


Here is today’s song that we will be doing together.

Tuneful Tuesdays #1-1ft7zrd

Remember – you will be working on finding literary devices, comparing and contrasting, and finally coming up with a paragraph explaining a theme. This theme will be part of a thesis statement and 2 supporting details with examples.

It will get easier as time goes on.

September 10th

These are the words for the week – I will explain this to you. We will write out sentences for these words today.

Lesson 10-23fyixq

You are to hand in your short story based on the fairy tale for assessment. Please have it printed out. I will have them graded and given back to you by this Friday.

You are doing a ‘part 2’ to your fairy tale before we work on the final part of the lenses unit.

This is an important part, as it will help you with your final paper due next week.

Here is a word document that I’d like for you to use – preferably online. I have paper copies as well.

Introduction to Literary Theory Grid Grade 10-2ipm6k2

Based on your fairy tale, I would like for you to fill out this grid, but I will show you what I mean with this PPT. On Wednesday, you have a work block with my help of course, to individually get this done. Those of you that brought Snow White and the Seven Dwarves, you’re in luck.

Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs-1nx9jtu

Tomorrow, we will start our first ‘Tuneful Tuesdays’.

September 7th

Check your questions time. (B block, we will do them in class)

Remember your fairy tale you had to bring in?

  1. Get with a partner (or a triplet) and explain your fairy tale – summary etc.
  2. Discuss the different lenses in which you can see this fairy tale. (We will come back to this on Monday.)
  3. Answer the following questions on your own. Over the weekend, I’d like you to write your own story based on this fairy tale. You can start in class today.

Fairy Tale Retold Part 1-1mkry46

September 6th

Now listen  to me:


The Three Little Pigs

Questions 1,2,3,7

September 5th

Welcome. Here’s the syllabus:

Grade 10 2018 Introduction-2nsw2rl

Here’s the introduction to the unit:

10 Lenses Introduction-2n4rlf7

10 Essential Questions

  1. Brainstorm with class on questions (I will write on the board)
  2. Find someone you don’t know
  3. Ask 10 of the questions from the board.
  4. Get ready to present your partner to the class.

September 6th

Now listen  to me:


Now, things might get a little strange right away, but I’d like for you to take notes on this video to reflect on the content. I’ll hand out paper.

a. Structuralism: the significance of the changing balance between text and image and its relationship to an interpretation of the story as a fantasy – a figment of Max’s imagination, oppositions.
b. Feminism: the role of the mother (and the absence of the father), the balance of power between mother and son, the role Max adopts with the ‘wild things’, the representation of the ‘wild things’ as gendered or genderless.
c. Postcolonial: the role Max adopts with the ‘wild things’, his colonising – and subsequent desertion – of the creatures, the behaviour of the ‘wild things’, the colour symbolism of Max’s clothing.
d. Psychoanalytic: what the ‘wild things’ might represent, Max’s relationship with his mother, the absence of the father, dream/reality distinctions, sublimation of desires into fantasy.

Go home and bring back a fairy tale. This is needed for tomorrow.