Safety and sanitation

I made an omelet in my foods lab a few weeks ago and I think this is my favorite food out of all of the other ones I’ve made. The cheese melting in my mouth was so good. The lab went pretty smoothly except for when I forgot some of the steps to my omelet. I probably didn’t pay attention to what my teacher told me… Thankfully, my partner was there remind me what I was supposed to do. After that, I started taking notes of anything important my teacher said during the demonstration.

Safety and sanitation is very important when cooking. The most concerning part in the foods lab is people spreading germs and making everyone sick. Especially now we have to be more careful because of the new Covid-19 virus. I made sure everything was clean by washing my hands and putting on an apron. By washing my hands and wearing an apron, it keeps the germs on my body off of the food or the ingredient that I will be eating.


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