Breakfast Home Lab

I made a sandwich with lettuce, breads that were tossed around in butter, onions, fried eggs, bacon, slices of avocado and tomatoes. The final product better then I had expected. The presentation of the sandwich wasn’t that bad. It didn’t look anything like it was made in a fancy restaurant, but considering it was made by me, I’d say I’m satisficed. The parts of the lettuce popping out of the golden brownish breads and the insides mixed with a nice balance of meat and veggies was what I thought stood out the most in my sandwich. The sandwich tasted pretty good and my parents both agreed. The saltiness of the bacon and the egg mixed in with the fresh vegetables really played out nicely. I also liked the buttery and the crunchiness of the breads. I probably should’ve put less ingredients inside the sandwich because the food felt a lot more thicker and heavier than the sandwich that I would usually eat. The smell of the sandwich was very faint. I could smell a little bit of the buttery bread and nothing much. I chose to make this sandwich over the other three foods because simply it was a lot easier to make and I also liked basically almost any sandwiches. The most challenging moment I had while cooking was when I tried cracking the egg into a tiny bowl while my head was turned around because I was talking to somebody behind me for about few seconds. I ended up cracking the egg into the counter somehow and the egg slid down by itself into the small space between the counter and the stove. I remember looking back at the empty bowl and yelling “WHERE’D THE EGG GO?” out loud. For a second, I was questioning my whole existence while looking at the bowl. It was the most probably funniest moment I ever had, but also the scariest one because my mom and dad were super mad at me because the egg was going to smell really bad if we just left it there so we had to scrub it out. This probably would have never happened if I had been more organized and careful. Next time I should be more mindful of what I am doing. The most successful moment I had while making the sandwich was probably almost the entire time I was cooking (except for the part when I was cracking the egg) because I was absolutely felt like a master chef in the kitchen. I *almost* had no problem while cooking and I think and my parents were kind of impressed. I was very proud of myself when I looked at the final product because it reminded me of how much I’ve grown since I started. Although it was a simple sandwich, I hope the day will come when I end up preparing a whole meal for my family and not accidentally crack the egg between the stove. My parents told me the sandwich taste and the presentation was pretty good considering that I made it.


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