The Most Challenging Recipe

I think the most challenging food I ever had to make in school was probably the Crust Skillet Pizza. The reason why I picked this as my most challenging recipe is because I remember I had lots of problems with following the recipe correctly compared to the other. One of the challenging parts I had while making the pizza was rolling the dough into a round shape. me and my partner tried using the rolling pin to roll out the dough evenly, but when I was finished, the dough looked more like a rectangle with no edges than a circle, so we had to try again which this time, I did an okay job and managed to create a circle shape. Another challenge me and my partner had to face was when we accidentally over cooked the bottom of the pizza because the heat was set a little over than what the recipe told us. We couldn’t fix this problem so we just had to live with it. Both of the problems could have been avoided by being more mindful, double checking our recipes to see if we were on the right track and asking for help. Thankfully the pizza wasn’t too burnt so we enjoyed our meal with extra crunchiness. We also had trouble deciding on what ingredient we were going to pick to make the pizza tastier and prettier, but me and my partner decided to pick whatever ingredient we wanted and hoped it would play out nicely. Maybe next time we could have been more prepared by planning ahead of time. The pizza tasted mostly like tomato and cheese, as expected, and the veggies gave the pizza extra fresh and crunchy taste. The pizza felt soft on the top and a little hard on the bottom because we burnt it a little. For me, the pizza looked okay. I feel like we could’ve done better with the presentation by adding more colorful ingredients that stood out from the tomato sauce and cheese like green peppers or olives. The most successful part of this recipe was the final product of the cheese. The cheese was very soft and was very stretchy, just the way I like any other pizza, which felt and tasted amazing. I am proud of the fact that me and my partner was able to communicate our way through the problems by talking and helping each other.


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