My Favorite Food Lab

My favorite food lab was probably the Omelet because it was one of the most tastiest food that I’ve ever made. I especially liked how the cheese melted in my mouth. The omelet that I made tasted a little salty and cheesy. It had a combination between a stretchy and a crunchy feeling because of the cheese and the veggie. The omelet looked very appetizing because I could see all of the ingredients inside the egg like cheese and veggies, also the spinach decoration made the dish look five times better. The food smelled like cooked egg and veggies. The omelet didn’t make any sound that stood out but it sometimes made a crunchy sound because of the veggies. The most successful moment I had while making the dish was dicing the veggies because they were all cut in similar shapes and sizes. My most unsuccessful moment was when I was flipping the egg and accidentally made a hole in the middle which I covered up later with spinach. I probably could have avoided the problem if I maybe waited a little longer for the egg to cook or flipped the egg more slowly next time. I was very proud of the food that I made because it was the first food that actually tasted good when I made it.


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