Industrial revolution reflection


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A) Finding problems and solutions were very hard for me. When I picked my subject for my project which was dynamite, I thought I would be able to find information quickly because dynamites were a well-known invention. For some reason, I found information about the previous invention of dynamite pretty easily, but I could not find information about problems with dynamite. Eventually, I ran across this website called Dyno Nobel. Apparently they are the only dynamite company that operates in Canada. I searched their company on google and everything they said on their website was true. I was able to learn the basics of the modern dynamite because of them. I found my problems and solutions using the most recent, well-known, and trustable websites. Most of my websites are from 2017 and I used websites that were well-known for their success such as National Geographics and Nobel Prize. Whenever I encountered websites that were not recent and popular, I looked at who made the website, the author’s word choices, spelling mistakes, the quality of the website, and I would compare that website to another website that I can 100% trust to see how much effort the author put into his website and see if they are a professional or not

B) I built my project using the problems with the modern dynamite to create multiple solutions to them. After that, I combined those solutions to create a visually appealing invention. I was able to make my invention look futuristic by researching and predicting how our technology will evolve in the future and using my predictions and information to build the invention.

C) Although the invention that I drew wasn’t the best drawing that I’ve ever done, I was pretty proud of myself for learning something new. For my solution, I was happy that I tried to make some parts of my solution logical. I just wish I could’ve come up with a better solution if there was one. Overall, I’m satisfied with my work, but I’m not proud of it.

D) I wish I could’ve dug deeper into all of my solutions because I feel like some aren’t deep enough. If I ever get a chance to do this project again, I’ll try to use more difficult drawing software and photoshop them later, so that I’ll at least get to learn something.