My Favorite Food Lab

My favorite food lab was probably the Omelet because it was one of the most tastiest food that I’ve ever made. I especially liked how the cheese melted in my mouth. The omelet that I made tasted a little salty and cheesy. It had a combination between a stretchy and a crunchy feeling because of the cheese and the veggie. The omelet looked very appetizing because I could see all of the ingredients inside the egg like cheese and veggies, also the spinach decoration made the dish look five times better. The food smelled like cooked egg and veggies. The omelet didn’t make any sound that stood out but it sometimes made a crunchy sound because of the veggies. The most successful moment I had while making the dish was dicing the veggies because they were all cut in similar shapes and sizes. My most unsuccessful moment was when I was flipping the egg and accidentally made a hole in the middle which I covered up later with spinach. I probably could have avoided the problem if I maybe waited a little longer for the egg to cook or flipped the egg more slowly next time. I was very proud of the food that I made because it was the first food that actually tasted good when I made it.

The Most Successful Recipe

The most successful food I ever made in cooking class was probably the Double Chocolate Crinkle Cookies because I made the food very easily compared to the other recipes and the final product of the food was very good. One of the successful moments I had was preparing and making the food in general because me and my partner both knew what we were doing without any problems and we moved very quickly. We probably could’ve finished more faster if me and my partner communicated a little more. I also think me and my partner made our dough very well because the cookie’s surfaces was completely smooth with no holes or cracks and the cookies turned out soft, almost in perfect circle. Our cookies defiantly met the product standards because it looked and tasted very appealing as it should and they all had similar shapes and sizes. The cookies tasted mostly like chocolates and felt soft. They had a very faint smell of chocolate, but I couldn’t smell anything strong. The cookies looked very appealing especially after their Halloween decoration. They were almost in a perfect circle and had a smooth texture. I didn’t have any big challenges to overcome but me and my partner did have trouble getting a big chunk of dough off of the electric mixer, so we had to use a fork and a rubber spatula to get the dough out. I am very proud of the fact that I, and my partner was the one who made the cookies. I was expecting the cookies to look a little crumbled, but I was very happy when they turned out nicely. This is probably one of the best looking food I have ever created so far. A new method I used to make the cookies was the Rolled Cookie method. I did not use any new method or equipment when making the cookies.

The Most Challenging Recipe

I think the most challenging food I ever had to make in school was probably the Crust Skillet Pizza. The reason why I picked this as my most challenging recipe is because I remember I had lots of problems with following the recipe correctly compared to the other. One of the challenging parts I had while making the pizza was rolling the dough into a round shape. me and my partner tried using the rolling pin to roll out the dough evenly, but when I was finished, the dough looked more like a rectangle with no edges than a circle, so we had to try again which this time, I did an okay job and managed to create a circle shape. Another challenge me and my partner had to face was when we accidentally over cooked the bottom of the pizza because the heat was set a little over than what the recipe told us. We couldn’t fix this problem so we just had to live with it. Both of the problems could have been avoided by being more mindful, double checking our recipes to see if we were on the right track and asking for help. Thankfully the pizza wasn’t too burnt so we enjoyed our meal with extra crunchiness. We also had trouble deciding on what ingredient we were going to pick to make the pizza tastier and prettier, but me and my partner decided to pick whatever ingredient we wanted and hoped it would play out nicely. Maybe next time we could have been more prepared by planning ahead of time. The pizza tasted mostly like tomato and cheese, as expected, and the veggies gave the pizza extra fresh and crunchy taste. The pizza felt soft on the top and a little hard on the bottom because we burnt it a little. For me, the pizza looked okay. I feel like we could’ve done better with the presentation by adding more colorful ingredients that stood out from the tomato sauce and cheese like green peppers or olives. The most successful part of this recipe was the final product of the cheese. The cheese was very soft and was very stretchy, just the way I like any other pizza, which felt and tasted amazing. I am proud of the fact that me and my partner was able to communicate our way through the problems by talking and helping each other.

Breakfast Home Lab

I made a sandwich with lettuce, breads that were tossed around in butter, onions, fried eggs, bacon, slices of avocado and tomatoes. The final product better then I had expected. The presentation of the sandwich wasn’t that bad. It didn’t look anything like it was made in a fancy restaurant, but considering it was made by me, I’d say I’m satisficed. The parts of the lettuce popping out of the golden brownish breads and the insides mixed with a nice balance of meat and veggies was what I thought stood out the most in my sandwich. The sandwich tasted pretty good and my parents both agreed. The saltiness of the bacon and the egg mixed in with the fresh vegetables really played out nicely. I also liked the buttery and the crunchiness of the breads. I probably should’ve put less ingredients inside the sandwich because the food felt a lot more thicker and heavier than the sandwich that I would usually eat. The smell of the sandwich was very faint. I could smell a little bit of the buttery bread and nothing much. I chose to make this sandwich over the other three foods because simply it was a lot easier to make and I also liked basically almost any sandwiches. The most challenging moment I had while cooking was when I tried cracking the egg into a tiny bowl while my head was turned around because I was talking to somebody behind me for about few seconds. I ended up cracking the egg into the counter somehow and the egg slid down by itself into the small space between the counter and the stove. I remember looking back at the empty bowl and yelling “WHERE’D THE EGG GO?” out loud. For a second, I was questioning my whole existence while looking at the bowl. It was the most probably funniest moment I ever had, but also the scariest one because my mom and dad were super mad at me because the egg was going to smell really bad if we just left it there so we had to scrub it out. This probably would have never happened if I had been more organized and careful. Next time I should be more mindful of what I am doing. The most successful moment I had while making the sandwich was probably almost the entire time I was cooking (except for the part when I was cracking the egg) because I was absolutely felt like a master chef in the kitchen. I *almost* had no problem while cooking and I think and my parents were kind of impressed. I was very proud of myself when I looked at the final product because it reminded me of how much I’ve grown since I started. Although it was a simple sandwich, I hope the day will come when I end up preparing a whole meal for my family and not accidentally crack the egg between the stove. My parents told me the sandwich taste and the presentation was pretty good considering that I made it.

Safety and sanitation

I made an omelet in my foods lab a few weeks ago and I think this is my favorite food out of all of the other ones I’ve made. The cheese melting in my mouth was so good. The lab went pretty smoothly except for when I forgot some of the steps to my omelet. I probably didn’t pay attention to what my teacher told me… Thankfully, my partner was there remind me what I was supposed to do. After that, I started taking notes of anything important my teacher said during the demonstration.

Safety and sanitation is very important when cooking. The most concerning part in the foods lab is people spreading germs and making everyone sick. Especially now we have to be more careful because of the new Covid-19 virus. I made sure everything was clean by washing my hands and putting on an apron. By washing my hands and wearing an apron, it keeps the germs on my body off of the food or the ingredient that I will be eating.


Few days ago, me and my partner made a nutritious breakfast hash. I think the cooking lab went well because the food tasted pretty good. I had an easy time chopping the vegetables because I payed attention to my teacher when she was demonstrating on how to cut them. Although, I sometimes forgot in what order I had to put the veggies into the frying pan. I simply checked my recipe or asked my partner for some help. I think its important to communicate back and forth with your partner because you can notify and solve any problems together and create an organized plan before you start cooking. You can find good communication skill in busy restaurants where the cooks have to constantly communicate with each other in order to keep track of everyone’s progress and notify any problems immediately to everyone. If we couldn’t talk while cooking, things would get very disorganized because neither me or my partner would have a clear idea on what to do. For example, I might accidentally add extra salt in the food when my partner already added some. We would spend much more time trying to solve a problem because we both can’t talk and help each other. I would solve the problem by creating an organized step-by step plan on what I and my partner should be doing. The picture above demonstrates a good communication skill because me and my partner were able to create a plan and work as a team in order to make this tasty meal.