Pesto Pasta

For this pasta we also spent 2 days. On a first day we made pesto. We used basil, lemon, nuts, parmesan cheese and a garlic. We used chopper to make it. First, we chopped nuts and added everything after. When it was chopped we taste and seasoned. We put it in a jar and refrigerated for a day. On the next day we made dough. It was easier because we made it before. We measured the ingredients and put it in a bowl. We knead the dough, rolled and cut it. We cooked the dough for 1minute 30seconds in a prepared pot with boiling water. When the pasta was cook we drained the water and put it in a pan. We put the pesto we made last day and cooked. When the pasta and pesto are cooked together we season and tasted. It wasn’t the type of food that I like maybe because of too much basil. I don’t think I will make this again.

Handmade Pasta

For this lab we worked 2 days. On a first day we made the dough with the stand mixer. In a custard cup we cracked egg and oil and mixed. In a bowl we put a flour and some salt and added egg mixture into a bowl and mixed using flat beater until it is combined. After the dough is mixed we changed the flat beater to the dough hook attachment and knead the dough. Because our dough dough was dry we added some water and knead with our hand. When the dough is done we wrapped it and refrigerated for a day. On the day 2, We cooked the bacons first and while the bacon is cooking we rolled the dough and cut it. We cooked the dough in the prepared pot that was boiling. We cooked the dough for 1minute 30seconds, when the dough was done we drained the water and put it in a pan. We put the egg and parmesan cheese mixture slowly while someone was stirring. The pasta came out really well and I like how it was very cheesy. I think I will make this again but not the dough.

Risotto Ball

For this lab we used the risotto we made day. We rounded the risotto and made a ball shape. We put the eggs around the ball and bread crumbs. In a small iron frying pan we covered about half of the pan with the oil and heated on a medium heat. When the oil is heated we put the risotto balls and fried. When it is fried we put it on a prepared paper towel and removed some oil. We put the sauce that teacher made for us on top. This was very good and pretty easy to make with the risotto we had.


This lab needed little patients. We started it by boiling the water in a pot with broth. The veggies we used for this was tomato and basil. I prepared the veggies and on a iron frying pan I put the olive oil to heat it up. When the pan got heated up I sauted onion until tender and added rice with 250ml of broth. When the rice absorbed the broth we added another 250ml of broth until the rice is tender to the tooth. After the rice is done we removed it from heat and added parmesan and tasted seasoned. After everything is done, I put veggies on top and a little parmesan cheese with some squeeze of lemon. Personally I like rice it was very good. I would like to make this again even it takes some time.

Carrot Cake

For this lab we made a carrot muffin. I started the lab off by shredding carrots. I think I shredded about 7~8 carrots. After carrots are shredded I mixed wet ingredients together including carrots. In another bowl I mixed dry ingredients with shifted flour and poured in the wet ingredients bowl and mixed well. I poured the batter in the muffin tin. In a pre-heated oven I put the muffin tin and baked for 25 minutes. The muffin came out really well. It was very sweet but not too much. I’m not sure if I will make this again because I don’t really like carrot in general.


For this lab we used the sapanish rice we used last day and made a burrito. We preped the onion first and sauted. When the onion was cooked a bit we added spieces and meat after. When the meat was about to cook we added pepper. After all the ingredients are done I assembled it on a burrito and wrapped. It was good and very simple because we had rice already made and I’m not sure if I would make this again.

Spanish Rice

For this lab we were making spanish rice in partners. The first thing we did was cutting the veggies and sauted with washed rice. When the onion is tender we added spices and garlic and sauted for 2 minutes. Then we added the chicken broth and tomatoes and simmered while stirring and reduced heat to low. We cooked the rice and veggies for 15 minutes, strring occasionally and added corns&black bean then cooked for a bit and served. The rice tasted really good I think I will cook it again. It was not that hard to cook and ingredients are easy to find at home.

Double Chocolate Crinkle Cookie

For this lab we were making our own chocloate cookies. I started the lab by sifting the dry ingredients in a medium bowl. In another large bowl I creamed the wet ingredients. After both ingredients are done I poured the dry ingtedients into creamed mixture. When they are well mixed I divided them into quarter and put them into the freezer for 15minutes and baked for 12 minutes. The cookies turned out well, it was moist and soft. I might make this again with less cinnamon or maybe without cinnamon. I didn’t really like the taste of cinnamon