Roasted Chicken with Stuffing and Glazed Carrots

For this lab we spent 2days to make the food. On the first day, we marinated the chicken with butter, and some dfferent kinds of spices. We also made stuffing with vegetables and breadcrumbs. We put the chicken in a roasting pan with stuffing covered by tin foil. The next day, chicken and stuffing was in the oven by teacher so we made honey glazed carrots. We put carrots and covered with water by 5cm and boiled. When carrots are done we drained water and added butter and honey and stirred. For the mashed potato we cut the potatoes and teather made for us. When chickens are cooked we took them out of the oven and plated on a plate. The foods was very good I liked stuffing the most but I also liked chicken. I will make stuffing again and maybe chicken too.


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