Spring Roll

For this lab we made fried spring rolls with the meat mixture we made last time. To start off, we heated the oil in small cast iron frying pan and then we cut all the veggies and cooked them. After the veggies are cooked we added the meat mixture to heat up. When the filling is done, we spread it on a plate to cool. While it is cooling down we did some dishes to save time. Once the fillings are cooled we put an egg roll paper an another plate. We put a filling at the middle of the egg roll paper and at the edge we put a flour and water mixture to let it stick together. We dipped the rolls into the small frying pan and let it cooked. We rolled several times so it doesn’t get burnt. When all the sides are well fried, we took them out and put it on a plate. It was very good, it was very crispy which I really liked and the meats and veggies were well cooked. I would made this again later at home again.


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