Thai Curry

For this lab we made Thai curry with some chicken breasts. We started the lab off by cooking the rice in a small pot. While someone was cooking the rice another person cooked chicken breasts. When the chickens was cooked we put it aside. Once the chickens are done, we put the onions and lemon grass in the same pan we used for chickens and cooked. After awhile, we added sweet potato and peppers and cooked, then we added the curry paste and chicken broth. While we were cooking our curry the rice was cooked so we removed the pot from heat. When the sweet potato was cooked half way through, we poured coconut milk and let it simmer until the sweet potatoes are well cooked. At the end we put the chickens and re-heated. On a bowl we put the rice at the bottom and covered the rice with Thai curry. It was pretty good. I tried curry many times but this type of curry was little different then I had before. I was able to taste spiciness which was very good, I really enjoyed it.


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