Mac and Cheese

For this lab I messed a bit, I had to put my cauliflower and broccoli into the boiling water first but instead, we put the macaroni first so I had to boil another water and put those in. Other than that I was ok. I diced the onions for the cheese cause and put it in a pot with butter. After few minutes I added salt, pepper, mustard and a pot sauce and whisked and added flour. When I finished whisking I added milk and keep whisked constantly and boiled for a minute. I turned the heat down to low and whisked. I added cheese and melted. When the sauce was done I added pasta and the veggies. I like it. It was very cheesy which I liked and I’m willing to make this again.

Buddha Bowl

For this lab we were to chose the ingredients of our own and make the buddha bowl. For mine, I sliced the cucumber and avocado and sauted carrots and broccoli first and added sweet potato because the sweet potato was little bit cooked already. After I took them out I started cook my chickpeas. I added chili powder and garlic salt powder to season and to give some flavor. After those are done I cooked my egg and plated all the ingredients in a bowl with quinoa and a sauce. I liked the food even though I don’t really like the veggies. I’m not sure if I will make this again because it has too many veggies.

Rustic Bread

Rustic Crusty Bread Recipe {With Tutorial} | Mel's Kitchen Cafe

For this lab on the day, first thing we did was waking up the yeasts with bath temperature water. In a large bowl I mixed sifted flour, salt and yeast and made a dough in a bowl. We covered the bowl with a dish towel before we leave. The next day it was in the oven already when I walked into a class. It tasted very. it was chewy and crunch outside but soft inside, I really liked it. I’m not sure if I will make this again because it takes a little long time and we don’t have yeast at home.

Eggs Your way

For this lab I made poached eggs so I can practice for next when I’m making my sandwich. I simmered the water with some vinegar. While the pot is simmering I cooked the bacon so I can serve it with the egg. I cooked bacon for 7minutes and turned the heat off so it can still be warm. When the bacon is done and water is simmering I gently put the egg in the pan and let it cook. I flipped the egg half way through and took it out. The egg was very soft and it went well with the bread and bacon with hollandaise sauce. I never made this type of egg, I only made tried or scrambled, but I should make poached egg sometimes.

Fruit Skillet Cake

This lab was a test and I made same mistake as last time, I used medium cast iron frying instead of small cast iron frying pan. I started the lab off by whisking the dry ingredients flour, cinnamon, baking power/soda and salt in a large bowl. In another bowl I mixed butter and brown sugar until pale and fluffy and added egg later. When the wet ingredient is done I pour the dry ingredients to the wet ingredient and mixed. I grease the pan and put some flour on it so the cake doesn’t stick on the pan. I poured the batter in the pan and pears on top of the batter, sprinkled cinnamon and salt on top. I baked them for 40 minutes and cooled it for 5 minutes. The pear skillet cake was actually tasty than I thought and I might want to make it again with other fruits.

Veggie Frittata

This lab didn’t go well because we used medium cast iron frying pan instead of small so the frittata looks thin. We started the lab by slicing the potato and microwave it for a minute. Then we prepped our veggies and sauted. We added onions first and let it cook for a bit and added the mushrooms. When it finished saute we set this aside and whisked an egg, salt, and pepper and poured in the pan. We added the potato on the bottom, mushroom on top of egg and potato and tomato on top. We shred the cheese and sprinkled on the very top. We placed the pan in the oven and broiled for 2 minutes. Even the frittata wasn’t think as usual it tasted really good and I’m willing to make this again. It wasn’t that hard to make and it is delicious.


During this lab we were to use the waffle iron grill to make waffles. The waffle was easy to make we just had to mix all the dry ingredients like flours, sugar, baking powder and little bit of salt. And also wet ingredients like egg and milk and combine those two ingredients together and put them into the waffle iron grill, let it bake for 5 minutes. While waffle is getting ready we washed our dishes first and ate the waffles with the maple syrup. The waffle was soft and I like the maple syrup. I would not make this again because we don’t have a waffle iron grill at home.

Smoothie bowl & Granola

For this lab we have to make 2 things, which was smoothie and granola. We started off by making the granola first. We mixed the seeds and other dried fruits with syrup and put in on a cookie sheet to put them into an oven. While granola is in the oven. We got our fruits for the smoothie and put them in the mixer with some milk. I put the smoothie into a bowl and decorated with more fruits. The smoothie bowl was good and I will probably make only smoothie again.

Shakshuka With Feta

During this we were improving our knife skills by cutting the veggies. We have to watch out for the stove and knife. We chopped, sliced the veggies and sauted onion, peppers and garlic. We added tomatoes and seasoned with salt and pepper and simmered. We some dishes while its cooking and after 10-15 minutes we added eggs, feta cheese and transfer the cast iron pan into the oven. When it is cooked we took them out and garnished with cilantro and enjoyed with feta. Personally I don’t like peppers but it wasn’t that bad as I thought and it went very well with the feta. I’m not sure if I will make this again but I might change some ingredients.

Breakfast Sandwich

During this lab we were to design our own sandwich making poached eggs, and for mine I used spinach, tomato and bacon with hollandaise sauce. We started the lab by cooking the bacons and while bacon is cooking we made scones and put it in the oven. When the bacon and scone is cooking I prep the veggies, I sliced the tomato and chopped spinach. While waiting for the scone to come out of the oven I cleaned the area. When the scones came out, I put the egg in simmering pot, the shape of egg was very good and I boiled egg for little longer because I like hard-boiled. I cut the scones in half and put the veggies, egg and bacon on top. I could have sauted the spinach but I decided not too which I regret little bit. The sandwich was very tasty but also little bit salty but it was very still good. There was some dishes to do but we pre-rinsed as we cook so we saved some time. I would make this again later maybe not the scones but egg for sure. It is not hard to make and doesn’t take that long.