Roasted Chicken with Stuffing and Glazed Carrots

For this lab we spent 2days to make the food. On the first day, we marinated the chicken with butter, and some dfferent kinds of spices. We also made stuffing with vegetables and breadcrumbs. We put the chicken in a roasting pan with stuffing covered by tin foil. The next day, chicken and stuffing was in the oven by teacher so we made honey glazed carrots. We put carrots and covered with water by 5cm and boiled. When carrots are done we drained water and added butter and honey and stirred. For the mashed potato we cut the potatoes and teather made for us. When chickens are cooked we took them out of the oven and plated on a plate. The foods was very good I liked stuffing the most but I also liked chicken. I will make stuffing again and maybe chicken too.

Thai Curry

For this lab we made Thai curry with some chicken breasts. We started the lab off by cooking the rice in a small pot. While someone was cooking the rice another person cooked chicken breasts. When the chickens was cooked we put it aside. Once the chickens are done, we put the onions and lemon grass in the same pan we used for chickens and cooked. After awhile, we added sweet potato and peppers and cooked, then we added the curry paste and chicken broth. While we were cooking our curry the rice was cooked so we removed the pot from heat. When the sweet potato was cooked half way through, we poured coconut milk and let it simmer until the sweet potatoes are well cooked. At the end we put the chickens and re-heated. On a bowl we put the rice at the bottom and covered the rice with Thai curry. It was pretty good. I tried curry many times but this type of curry was little different then I had before. I was able to taste spiciness which was very good, I really enjoyed it.

Spring Roll

For this lab we made fried spring rolls with the meat mixture we made last time. To start off, we heated the oil in small cast iron frying pan and then we cut all the veggies and cooked them. After the veggies are cooked we added the meat mixture to heat up. When the filling is done, we spread it on a plate to cool. While it is cooling down we did some dishes to save time. Once the fillings are cooled we put an egg roll paper an another plate. We put a filling at the middle of the egg roll paper and at the edge we put a flour and water mixture to let it stick together. We dipped the rolls into the small frying pan and let it cooked. We rolled several times so it doesn’t get burnt. When all the sides are well fried, we took them out and put it on a plate. It was very good, it was very crispy which I really liked and the meats and veggies were well cooked. I would made this again later at home again.

Vietnamese Spring Rolls

I think this lab was one of the hardest lab I had. For this lab we prepared the veggies that we are going to put in a rice paper. After the veggies are prepared we poured the rice paper into a warm water for a few seconds and took it out and put it on a plate. On a rice paper we put a vermicelli on a top and veggies on top of vermicelli and the suffer starts. While we are rolling the rice paper it starts to rip off a part and the stuff inside are about to come out of the rice paper. The first roll was good but the second one got massed up. It was impossible to fix and made look better so I cut it in half. I don’t think I will make this again I would just buy the one that is made already.

Chocolate Cheese Cake

For this lab, we made cheese cake with some options to put in. The options were zests of lemon, cocoa, and just plain cheese cake and I chose cocoa. We baked the bread first and added fillings after and baked again. Since I like chocolate it was good for me but for my mom it was little bitter. Maybe the plain cheese cake was better for me too, but it was worth to try and it wasn’t bad. I enjoyed it. I’m not sure if I would make this again but if I make this again I would make plain cheese cake.


For this lab we made sushi with bamboo mat. We cooked the rice first and prepared other ingredients. After all the ingredients are ready to roll, we put a bamboo mat on a table and put a nori on top. We evenly flatted rice on top of nori and other veggies on top of rice. We slowly rolled the sushi while tucking in all the ingredients. The first sushi got rolled very well but the second one didn’t. I liked making it and eating it. I only ate sushi watching my mom making it, it was a good experience. I would make this again with other ingredient.

Christmas Cookies

For the week, we made different types of Christmas cookies. We made gingerbread, Chocolate Biscotti, snickerdoodle, and shortbread cookies. All the cookies weren’t that hard to make except gingerbread. For gingerbread cookie it was hard to keep its shape since my dough was little to thin. Other than that everything was good. I liked the shortbread the most. I liked the butter flavour. the least favourite cookie was the snickerdoodle, I didn’t really like the cinnamon. Chocolate biscotti was also pretty good. Personally I like chocolate so it was very good even dough it was very sweet. I like the most of cookies, it was enjoyable to make and eat and I would made shortbread cookies again at home later.

Greek Week

For this lab we prepared for 2 days to make this. On the first week we made tzatziki and a dough for pita bread, we put it in a fridge. For the chicken souvlaki, we marinated the chicken breasts with the spices and put it in a fridge. We also par cooked the potato on a first day so we can reduce the cooking time for next day. On the day 2 we cooked the pita bread and covered with a towel to keep it warm. We cooked the par cooked potato again until tender. While my partner was cooking the bread I made the salad. We cooked the marinated chicken last to keep it warm. We served the food with the tzatziki. The foods ware very good I liked the tzatziki and the pita bread. I’m not sure if I would make them again.

Apple Galette

For this lab we made the apple galette to use the apples we have. I started the lab off by peeling lots of apples. I thinly sliced the peeled apples and mixed well with brown sugar, flour, cinnamon and butter. I made the dough in another bowl and refrigerated the dough. When the dough was refrigerated enough I took it out and rolled a dough into a large, rough circle on a baking sheet. On the dough I put the apples that were prepared. We took the unbaked apple galette home and baked at home. It burnt a little bit but it was still good.

Christmas Cookie

For this lab we got to make our own christmas cookie “Kourabiedes”. I started the lab off by heating the oven to 325 degrees and prepared baking sheets with parchment paper. In a medium bowl I mixed butter, salt, icing sugar and flour together until they are crumbly. When they were crumbly I added water and vanilla and stirred. I crashed the nuts and added into the dough. After the dough is ready I used spoon to scoop and rolled it into balls. I baked them for 20 minutes. When the cookies are well baked I rolled them in a powdered sugar. It was very sweet and I really like the nuts in the cookie. I think I will make this again later when I have the ingredients.