Safety and Sanitation

I made banana muffins and added chocolate chips into it, after Mrs. Labossiere said it was okay. I was really excited to make the muffins because I have made them at home and they are amazing. I was really good at making sure the ingredients were all measured out. but I struggled with putting in and taking out the muffins because I am really scared of heat. I was very concerned about the egg in the batter but is just cooks into it I was also nevus to eat banana in it since I hate bananas but once I added chocolate in it tasted delicious , i tried to keep my station as clean as possible by keeping wiping the tables and regularly washing my hands after I touched things like raw egg. I had so much fun making it.

these are the best muffins

Most Memorable Food Experience

One of the most memorable experiences I had while eating is when I went to the Keg about a year ago for my moms birthday. When we got our table my mom decided to order escargot as an appetizer, since my brothers and I had never tried it. When the escargot arrived at are table, it looked so gross it was covered in cheese, herbs and butter. it smelled so bad, I was not exited to try it. My mom insisted on me trying it, so since it was her birthday I did. I took one out of the bowl and put it in my mouth. The texture was slimy and chewy it tasted like a worm that was just dipped in cheese. I could feel all the organs in my mouth. I also thought I could hear it screaming. I spat it out and ran to the bathroom, I then proceeded to throw up in the toilet.

My Digital Footprint

when I had googled my name nothing had come up about me. So, then I decided to search for my name and the city I am from, I was pleasantly surprised by what came up. Only an old post about my soccer team from when I was little about us winning a remembrance day torment. Not even my Instagram came up. Then, I go into images and the pictures that came up were all old soccer photos. my existing digital footprint is all positive and very small. it does not showcase me, of the sports now and is placed in the past. When you look up my digital footprint you can tell I don’t have a lot of information on me but could tell I was successful when I did play soccer.

my old soccer team

one example of the “5 C s” is Cautious sharing of information. On my digital footprint, I am very safe and always protective of what I am posting. All my social media accounts are private. I never show anyone something that I know could affect the rest of my life. Like, getting into university or knowing that someone could look up my name before a job interview and know everything about me. If they do search my name up, I want them to only see good things. also, whatever you post online will be there forever and if you are posting things about your friends and family members that are inappropriate there online forever and you will probably lose a few friends. So, it is very important to think before you say something or post something, and to have all your accounts on social media private.

Three strategies that I use to keep my digital footprint appropriate and safe. first, I make sure that all my accounts online are private and only allow people I know to follow it. next, I make sure that my friends do not post any inappropriate or bad pictures of me that I don’t want on the internet. lastly, keep everything on a low profile. I was really happy when I did not find a lot of stuff about me online because I do not want other people on the internet knowing who I am.

I learned so much from this project and didn’t realize how dangerous the internet actually is and how easy it is for someone to see your whole life just from your name. Some advice I would give to other students is, protect yourself don’t go posting something because you see another person posted it. Also, don’t send inappropriate photos to some person you like because it will only haunt you in the future. Lastly, keep your social media accounts just to people you know don’t let a bunch of strangers follow you because you have no idea their age or what their intentions are.


Jenise Ville, Our Utopian City

Jenna and I worked very hard on this project and are excited to share it with you.


Nature- An important value to us is the appearance of the world and having a lot of greenery in it. In our project, we have made sure that there’s lots of open space of greenery and we did this, so it creates a calming environment for everyone. When sienna was little, her parents took her to lots of greenery parks and told her to enjoy it because they predicted that they wouldn’t have such parks like this when they were older. We would like the children to experience something more than technology.
Happiness/Joy- One thing we want and believe in our city is to have contentment and joy. We both didn’t have the happiest lifestyle growing up and we think everyone should live with something good because otherwise, you would just be sad. We want them to have a cheerful and bright childhood and they could always look back on their past and think about all its wonders. 
Peace- Peace is a big thing for our community. We don’t want any wars or fights happening. There would be a wavier handed to everyone who lives in Jenise Ville saying that this is a peaceful land and they can’t make it unpeaceful or purposefully make it unsafe. This is important to sienna because her great grandfather fought in world war 2 and sadly passed. This is the main reason why we think peace is very important and plays such a big role in sienna’s life and would play in our city. 
Welcoming- We thought it would make everyone feel more welcomed and accepted to have a safe place to go once a week with a group of people experiencing the same things as another. We would have an LGBTQ+, recovering addicts, teen moms, etc… Groups. This helps people know that they always have someone who cares and is going through the same thing, so they understand you. When Jenna was in middle school, she was put into girls’ group and it would help her with whatever problems she was facing so, we wanted to interpret that into our city.
Family- In our world/town, we wanted it to be a close community where children can play without having the feeling of it being too unsafe. The way we designed our town is having the houses be built as a neighborhood and have our greenery park to be right by the neighborhood. We would also want families to try and stay as close as possible so every Friday at the community center, they would host a family night with games, movies and fun activities. We both think family is important, so we wanted our community to be close to theirs. 


School – we have a school because we want kids to socialize with other kids and get to know the community. 
Nature/garden place– this is where people come to see all the beautiful plants and people get to immure it.
A community center and a community square– we have put down a community center because this is where people can sign up for activities and meet new people. Also, we have a community square where people come to meet one another. One of our main focuses at Jenise Ville is to welcome everyone and make them feel like they’re part of a family.
Housing– all houses are close to one another so you can meet new people and there is more space for nature to grow. Also, all housing in Jenise Ville is very affordable and we encourage most people once they’ve gotten to know one another to carpool, walk or bike places in Jenise Ville. 

My Tribute Costume

This is my tribute costume

This costume is the outfit that I would want to be wearing if I were going into the Hunger Games. Firstly, I am wearing a black and gray bodysuit that I chose to give me warmth for the night and keep me cool through the day. I also have blue and black shoulder pads on to protect me from the other districts injuring me. My hair is blonde so that in the dark it could give me so light because it would be able to glow. Furthermore, I have a gray necklace on to remind me of my mother since gray is her favorite colour when I feed sad during the games. I would also have some dark angle wings so I could fly through the air over all my other competiters. In addition, I would have an utility belt with all the items I need like a flashlight, a thin blanket, a nife and a box of granola bars. My nails would be short so they would’nt get in the way of anything or collect dirt. On my feet I would have some comfy shoes so my feet would’nt be in pain. Lastly, I would have a pet raven who would spy on the other people in the area, and give me where they are hiding. My outfit would benifit my in so many different ways.

I am a confident, creative, smart girl who loves to design different things. This project was so much fun to be able to create a outfit for my charater to go into the hunger games. I was able to generate my ideas through really crictical thinking and making my costume. I also enjoyed being able to create my own costume and create it how it repesents me. Next time we do another project like this I would like to use a more complex website to make my charater. Also I learned that I can make my own character and found out how to do it as well.