American Revaluation Flip Book

Media Fluency Reflection

How was the ease of access in building your flipbook, despite this being the free and limited version of the software?

The website was super easy to use, it saved automatically which is a life saver because my computer died during the process. I had no struggles building the flipbook, it was very straight forward

B. Were you able to apply the skills you learned in the planning stages appropriately to a digital environment?

yes, the skills I learned in the planning stage were applied, again the website was super easy

C. What were the sources you researched that made this an “authentic make-believe” American Revolution flipbook?,outside%20of%20the%20Custom%20House.

D. Is there other software online that could have done the job better? Did you use another software instead? Explain.

I liked the flipbook site and would use again, I think sway or possibly power point could have also worked for this project.


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