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About me
My bio Im 14, and almost always have at least one earbud in. i have a few small groups of friends. my closest friend sadly goes to a different school. so me and him have made it a routine to hang out every weekend. i doodle a lot in classes and (More)
About me
Bio About me, I am a person who likes going outside and interacting with people. Reasons I like going outside is because its fun especially with friends. The activity I like playing outside is basketball. Along with that I am a person who likes t (More)
my reflection on podcast
what were your books? did you enjoy / hate / not care for them i enjoyed my book even though i didnt fully finish it but i was closehow did you feel about working with a group? did you make the work equal? was it more trouble than a benefit? i enjoy (More)
About Me
My Bio My name is Marisa, some words to descried me are...Joyful, hardworking and honest. I like to listen to music and read. My best course is language arts . My most challenging course is math. I learn best by watching videos. My Fa (More)
My Edward Scissor Hands Storyboard
Analytical paragraph Tim burton in Edward scissor hands, used sound in this scene to show us edwards emotions such as anger. the music and sou (More)
MY BIO My most challenging course is English. The course I am the best at would be math. aside from that I'm not a very sociable person, and prefer not to express myself at all. Some words to describe me would be lazy and athletic. I learn the b (More)
About Me...
My Biography: Hello, my name is Sheila. I am in grade 9, and got into math 10 honours and the MACC program. I like watching sci-fi tv shows and movies. I can solve the 3x3 Rubik’s Cube in around a minute and thirty seconds, and have learned how t (More)
What's around town Geography project
https://maphub.net/076-rbeemster/iframe-width-768-height-576-src-undefined-legend-1-panel-1-panel_closed-1- (More)
About Me
My Bio Some words that describe me are, weird, kind and annoying. My strengths are, I do what I'm told when I'm told to do it, I'm a good listener and I give good advice. My Stretches are, paying attention in class, finishing my homework on time (More)
About Me
My Bio I like to play basketball with friends I like to play video game with friends My favorite food is lasagna My Favorite link https://www.youtube.com/ I like YouTube because I can watch wh (More)
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