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Banana Bread
For this home cooking assignment, I made banana bread. The product standards for this recipe was for the bread to be moist and soft on the inside and have a deep brown crust. I met all of these product standards. The safety of this recipe (More)
For this home cooking assignment, I made biscuits. The product standards for this dish were for the biscuits to be golden brown, flaky, and similar size. I met all of my product standards although I believe I could have done better at making (More)
For this home cooking assignment, I decided to make cornbread. The product standards for this dish was for it to be golden brown on the top and warm and soft in the inside. I believe that my cornbread met these product standards. The safety (More)
Chocolate Lava Cake
This week I made a delicious and simple desert, the chocolate lava cake. Chocolate lava cakes are basically flour-less cake, consisting of butter, chocolate and sugar. My cake was super rich with a liquidy, melty centre. This was my first time makin (More)
Banana Bread
This is the first time making Banana bread and it tasted delicious! My mom has always been the one to make the banana bread and I was really excited to make it and see how the process went. I didn't have any brown bananas so I had to use (More)
Chocolate Chip Cookies
My dad has been begging me for the last couple weeks to make these cookies that were released from a hotel that were very well known for their cookies, he told me, "people just go to the hotel to have the cookies," with all the Easter candy I ha (More)
Peanut Butter Cookies
My great grandma used to make these and have them for my family when we used to visit her before she went into a care home. She sadly passed away recently due to the corona virus so in memory of her I decided to bake them. I've never baked them (More)
This was our second recipe, scones and we were provided with compote by Ms. Bolli. This was a quick bread, flour mixture and a biscuit method. My goal was for my scones to turn out like my product standards which were that they were golden (More)
Rustic Bread
★ ★ ★ ★ ☆ 4/5 stars This recipe was quick and easy, we mixed the dough the first day and baked it the following day with the Shakshuka. We had to be aware of oven and knife safety on the second day. It was our first time using the yea (More)
Pineapple Delight
For one of first deserts of foods class, we made pineapple delight. This is a really simple desert consisting of a graham crumb layer, sweet icing, whipped cream and crushed pineapple to top it off. Making this desert was a super fun process with my (More)
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