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I made potatoes!!!!!! my special tool was a potato masher I have seen my parents use them many times but never actually used the tool!!! (More)
cooking at home #2
this week I used one of the recipes from earlier in the term and I made breakfast hash for my dad brother and I. It was really good and I would definitely make it again! I used potatoes, bacon, onions, egg, cheese, and we put some green onion (More)
Breakfast home lab
I enjoyed this lab because there was so much I could do and always room for some sort of improvement! I chose to make a bagel sandwich with bacon, lettus, tomato, cheese, avocado, egg, and some salt & pepper. (More)
Another Pork Tenderloin
My Reflection I really liked this pork tenderloin because I was not a fan the last time made it so this time I made it differently. This time I just seasoned the pork and baked it in the oven. The juices and seasoning tasted so well together. (More)
My Reflection This casserole dish is a family favourite. It has seasoned cubes chicken. Raw small pieces of broccoli. And the creamy sauce covering the entire thing. Topped with shredded cheese, and then baked in the oven. We serve this over (More)
My Reflection This keto stir-fry was made with cauliflower rice, chicken breast, broccoli, peppers, mushrooms, and onions. This was a very filling and delicious dinner. We never really eat stir-fry, however since my mom started keto, we have (More)
Cauliflower Mac and Cheese
My Reflection This dinner was for my mom. She wanted to try this keto friendly mac and cheese for awhile and so did I. I chopped up the cauliflower in pasta sized pieces and I practically steamed the cauliflower. The cheese sauce was pretty m (More)
All Canadian Dinner
My Reflection This dinner included, mashes potatoes, steamed carrots, cauliflower rice, and chicken breast. The mashes potatoes were seasoned with chives and garlic. They were mashed very well because there were almost no lumps in them. The c (More)
Keto Korean BBQ
My Reflection This is one of my favourite dinners now. This is ground beef simmered in a BBQ glaze that is sweet but also spicy. It is served over cauliflower rice. It was a little more sweet then I expected but once I mixed it together with (More)
Keto Cheese Scones
My Reflection My mother started the Keto diet and she had mentioned how much she wanted a scone or something with her dinner but couldn't eat the ones that we were having. So as a favor to her, I surprised her with dinner and Keto-friendly ch (More)
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