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My Utopian City Design
My City Values Sara, Jasmine and I have created a Utopian city called 'Jaralyn' with the values of safety, animal friendly, hard working co (More)
Winter Wonderland Design
Derek, Laylia, and I based our society on these 5 values: Education:  Education is vital for humans, and it is something that everyone should get. In order to show that our society values education, we have schools in our city for&nb (More)
My city design
Phopus Hurg City Design
In Phopus Hurg, we personally value and take to heart the ideas of nature, recreation, connection, pets, culture, nutrition, and family. All of these aspects are reflected in our design, which includes many natural aspects (lots of trees, gardens, f (More)
English 9 City Design - Collaborative Fluency
CONTEXT: Ms Gauer's Eng. 9, Per. 4 Class Was Assigned a Project to Design a Utopian City, collaborating with other classmates to achieve optimal values & design. This is my part of the project. More)
Phopus Hurg Civilization 🙂
https://youtu.be/bEYrPBw4Wxk Phopus Hurg city, built by Veronika, Angelina, and myself, deeply holds dear and values; relationships, culture, animals, future, communication, nature, and also technology. We show this by: Having many different (More)
Jerusalem 2.0
Amish priest land utopia design
My Utopia Design
Paradise City Design
Paradise City Values: Happiness: We showed the happiness by making the houses all different and the town is very free. Religion: We showed that religion is important, by building a Kingdom Hall that people can gather. Unity : We showe (More)
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