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Our Utopian City
name of city school. to show we support education of all kids. More)
Our Utopian City
FNR city BY Fabian, Nathan and Rohan Nature/environment- for nature we have lake, forest, crops and a farm. we need this because trees are good for air and crops and a farm will be good for wildlife plants and food. A lake because I think (More)
My City
My City Communication Reflection                  ADL Build your city team assignment.  During this ADL project, we were tasked with creating our ideal&nb (More)
our utopian city Magic Land
communication reflection Minecraft education edation Ryan did the writing and i did the building next time i would build more buildings it was hard for me but i learned how to use the program (More)
My City
Llanfairpwllgwyngyllgogerychwyrndrobwllllantysiliogogogoch Communication Reflection In my city, I value happiness, teamwork, nature and friendship. I value happiness because what's the point of living when you’re not happy? I also value teamwo (More)
Our Utopian City: Synergy City
my utopian city
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Uft8o0OHbb4 Community  We value community in our town, as to show we have made a community center for citizens to gather and socialize. We also have plenty of  (More)
Our Utopian City, FNR
By Fabian, Nathan, Rohan Our Values: Health - Health in our city is important, whether it is mental or physical, neglecting your health can hurt you in man (More)
Our Utopian City
Cloud Bridge City City V (More)
Our Utopian City New Gate
New Gate by Teo and Samuel New Gate Values Freedom: A major quality of our city is that people are free to do anything they please. There are no str (More)
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