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Choose Your Adventure: Become A Wizard
become a wizard finalMore)
My utopian city Carter's city
I was in a group by myself. And I took my time to think about my values and how I can incorporate them into my city. I was in a group by (More)
concert (1) (1)Download for my (More)
Choose your own adventure:Muffins
https://twinery.org/2/#!/stories/9358d90a-da50-4f5d-909f-67fb2441d5ab/play English 9, I made the story on my own and the theme of the story is how a muffin c (More)
Choose Your Own Adventure: The roads are loud
The Roars Are Loud.htmlMore)
Choose Your Own Adventure: Forest Survival
Planning "Forest survival" Forest survival (updated)More)
Choose Your Own Adventure Story: The Crash
The crash story (4)Downloa (More)
Choose Your Own Adventure: Concert
Communication Reflection We used Twine to create our choose your own adventure story about concerts. My group and I communicated well before spring break, mostly to discuss what would be happening during the break. We had a lot of difficulty befo (More)
Choose Your Own Adventure Story: The Crash
The crash storyDownload Des (More)
Choose Your Own Adventure: Futbol
Communications Reflection Our project is a choose your own adventure book which is a story that you can choose what the character does and there are different paths to the story. The story is about a soccer player that either chooses to skip a so (More)
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