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English 9 Final Reflection
Choose Your Adventure: Become A Wizard
become a wizard finalMore)
My English 9 Final Reflection
twine project  The ways I communicate at school differ from how I (More)
English 9 Final Reflection
When I need to (More)
Final reflection
Word-Art-1Download this shape r (More)
English 9 Final Reflection
The crash story (4)Downloa (More)
my utopian city
comunication reflection we used city creator to make this i dont think i would change anything about this (More)
My Utopian City: Teacher City
Communication reflection i used city creator with joshua and carter and tyson (More)
my utopian city
Utopia values by our group  Utopia never works it will always end in dystopia your dreams may ruin someone else is life th (More)
My utopian city Carter's city
I was in a group by myself. And I took my time to think about my values and how I can incorporate them into my city. I was in a group by (More)
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