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Comic Strip Story: Toxic Masculinity
(There has been a mistake where the term "sex" was used instead of "gender". Please be aware and continue, thank you.) By: Eva Espinoza and Sara KimFor our ADL and English 9 Comic Strip Story assignment, Eva and I came up with the theme... "What (More)
Our Utopian City
name of city school. to show we support education of all kids. More)
Our Utopian City
FNR city BY Fabian, Nathan and Rohan Nature/environment- for nature we have lake, forest, crops and a farm. we need this because trees are good for air and crops and a farm will be good for wildlife plants and food. A lake because I think (More)
Our Utopian City: Synergy City
my utopian city
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Uft8o0OHbb4 Community  We value community in our town, as to show we have made a community center for citizens to gather and socialize. We also have plenty of  (More)
Our Utopian City, FNR
By Fabian, Nathan, Rohan Our Values: Health - Health in our city is important, whether it is mental or physical, neglecting your health can hurt you in man (More)
Utopian city
City: Grassville Image of city The values that are important to us are Justice, health and nature. Justice: Justice was one of our shared values so we decided to add the Canadian Courthouse into our city to show that. Health: (More)
Our Utopian City
Cloud Bridge City City V (More)
Our Utopian City New Gate
New Gate by Teo and Samuel New Gate Values Freedom: A major quality of our city is that people are free to do anything they please. There are no str (More)
Our Utopian City: City of Pride
Values The things that we thought was important for our city is Safety, comfortably, Protection, Education. The reason why we thought this was important is be (More)
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