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"Cooking at Home" Chocolate Lava Cake
I was really excited to make these cakes as I also made them last year. What I love about these lava cakes are that they are actually really easy to make, the hardest part would be getting them to be cooked just right. I planned to make thi (More)
"Cooking at Home" Yule Log Cake with Homemade Ice-cream
For this weeks cooking we had to make a complicated meal or dessert. I decided to go with a log cake and ice-cream. over all the making of the cake wasn't to hard, and the thing that took longest was the whipping of the egg whites. the recip (More)
"Cooking at home" All in One Sponge
This dessert was a two sponge cakes sandwiched with ice-cream and fresh raspberries. I was a little worried about making sponge cake since I had never done it before and also don't make cakes that often anyways. The process of making th (More)
Chocolate Lava Cake
Mise en placeMakingDone! This week I made chocolate lava cake! This recipe wasn't hard but it was very important to follow the product standards. The product standards for this were to have a gooey center and a cooked outside. The safety for (More)
Japanese Cheesecake
For this assignment, we were to chose and make a recipe that fit within our family's budget. The product standards for the cheesecake was for it to be light and fluffy with a golden brown top. Some methods and skills I used during this incl (More)
Chocolate Lava Cake
I rate my lava cake a 5 out of 5 because it was really easy to make and I have never tried one before and it blew my mind away. The process of making this was very easy and I would totally do this a million times again. I wouldn't change any (More)
Lava Cake
This recipe was one I found off the internet, it asked for icing sugar instead of granulated sugar and it turned out well. I shared this with my boyfriend because it was big and meant for two people, it was rich and of course gooey in the in (More)
Vanilla Buttercream Cake
This week I have another sweet tooth and wanted to make mini cupcakes but we didn't own any mini cupcake trays so I decided to make a cake instead. I didn't want it to be just boring vanilla cake so I decided to add sprinkles in and on top o (More)
Mango no bake cheese cake
My family loves cheese cake! I decided to take on a challenge and attempt to make a cheese cake and I didn't regret that decision. I usually don't like cheese cake, myself, but this cake was exquisite. First I did the crumb layer of the cake (More)
Chinese Almond Cookies
For this home cooking assignment, I made Chinese Almond Cookies. The product standards for this recipe was for the cookies to have a light brown top, and have a crumbly and crisp bite. I met all of the product standards except for the ligh (More)
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