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Final Home Lab
Espresso and Biscottis (dessert) Pasta Fritta (main dish) Cooking my Fritta Caprese Salad  (side dish) Just finished cutting my bocconcini I made a Pasta Fritta with my side dish being a Caprese salad and for des (More)
Bannana Loaf
I made a Banana loaf. I had bananas that were over ripe, so I used them to make something new. I saw them in the fridge, so I decided to use them to bake a cake. The recipe I used is from Company's Coming. As, I lightly stirred to only moisten t (More)
Cooking at home#7
I made a kimchi fried rice. There are kimchi, rice, ham and egg. Kimchi fried rice need to put a half egg on top of the fried rice. However, you don't have to put half egg if you don't like it. Also its more delicious if you eat it with egg s (More)
Spaghetti and Meatballs
One of my family's food traditions is spaghetti and meatballs. We have a big family dinner and make a pasta dish every Sunday. This tradition is in memory of my Nanna and Nonno (grandparents). My mom and I made some meatballs this time to go alo (More)
Cooking at Home#5
I made a Korean traditional basic noodles(잔치국수-janchigooksu). It has noodles, squash, carrot, radish, fried tofu, and laver. It smells savoury because of sesame oil. It tastes really delicious because of anchovy. I used a recipe. More)
Apple Muffins: Option 4
Today, I made apple muffins. I wanted to make chocolate chip muffins but when I looked in the fringe, I noticed some of the apples were starting to go bad. So, I wanted to use them to make something. I love eating muffins for breakfast, so why n (More)
Cooking at home-mini buddha bowls lesson
I was able to make a successful Buddha bowl. I didn't feel any trouble making it. I like green olives, but it was salty in its own way, so I didn't need any extra salinity. But I already added salt. So it was a little bit salty. My Buddha bowl i (More)
Cooking at home: Option 1 Homemade pizza
Today, I made homemade pizza. I did not know what to make for this week's lab, so I was constantly flipping through my mom's cook books. My sister actually came up with the idea, she was planning to make pizza for her dinner. I asked her if (More)
Cooking at home#4 option#4Building your skills
I was not usually good at cutting, so I wanted to improve cutting food neatly with a knife. I used  a website. This website is helpful to improve cutting ingredients. https://samcheon.tistory.com/6 (More)
Safety and Sanitation
I think this omelet was more complicated and difficult than other food receipt. I was worried about how to fold the egg in half and transfer the finished omelet to a plate. I think I did well these processes. So, it was successful and satisfying (More)
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