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Cooking at home (option 7)
For my family tradition I made my own pizza. First I pre heated my oven to 400F. For my pizza I used pita bread, tomato sauce, black olives, green peppers, cheese and banana peppers. I grated the cheese then put it on the bread, after that I adde (More)
Cooking at home (option 5)
This week I made rice with peas for my mom and I. I have made food for my family members before but I've never made rice with peas before. It felt good to help my mom out by making food for her. It had a good impact on my family because my mom di (More)
Coking at Home # 6 Thick Beef Soup
My choice of soup to make was a thickened beef soup with boiled dumplings. To start, I made my own beef broth for the soup a day before because of the time it would take to make. I placed about a pound and a half of oxtail on aluminum foil (More)
Family Food Traditions
o Tell us what you made! I made smores with my familia. o Use the 5 senses to write a description The smell reminded me of camping! Smores always look like a square sandwich, which is really enjoyable, because I like sandwic (More)
Cooking At Home #7 (Family Tradition)
I made a dish called Kheer for my Family Tradition. Kheer is pretty much rice pudding, it consists of rice, milk, and nuts. Kheer is a very popular Indian desert that many people make. Kheer is made by boiling rice with milk until it gets thick. (More)
Cooking at home (option 1)
I made nachos. First, I set the oven to 400F. I used tortilla chips, cheese, black olives, green onion and taco seasoning. I put the chips on the pan, grated the cheese and then put it on the chips, then I added all of the other ingredients. I c (More)
Family Food Tradition- At Home Cooking Option #1
Every so often my family gets together and we make whole wheat crackers; so, I decided to make a batch. They smelled like a fresh bread loaf and looked like a light brown color. They tasted like regular crackers. I followed a recipe from my favo (More)
Cooking At Home Option #1
For my soup, I made chicken noodle soup. It smelt so good and looked colorful. I could hear the broth boil and the vegetables sizzling when I was cooking them. It felt very moist and was very filling. I used chicken, green onions, carrots, mini (More)
Cooking at Home-Family Traditions
I made a chicken vegetable porridge and my mom always make these on cold days or when someone is sick. It tastes very "soft", warm, and like chicken, it smells hot and like warm chicken, the texture is thick and mushy. I'm not exactly sure when this (More)
family tradition
I made gnocchi. Gnocchi has been a family tradition for as long as anyone can remember. It is from my mom's side and we always make way more than we can eat and we eat as much as we can. We usually make it with tomato sauce or butter.I have made (More)
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