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My Most Memorable Food Experience
My most memorable food experience was at Kishimoto, a sushi restaurant in downtown Vancouver. After a LONG day of shopping, bussing around from store to store, my friend Jessica and I were nothing but exhausted, hungry, and ready to go home. As we s (More)
My Most Challenging Foods Lab
I would say the most challenging foods lab for me was when we made quinoa salad/buddha bowls. I think this was the most challenging because of the amount of knife skills involved. I wanted each vegetable to be sliced a certain way; equivalent in (More)
Most Successful Foods Lab
I think my most successful lab was when we made “Chocolate Crinkle Cookies”. The cookies were deliciously soft, moist, and sweet. Since it was the day before halloween, we decorated one with icing and liquorish, making it into a spider! As soon (More)
My Most Successful Foods Lab
For the choice of my most successful foods lab I would probably say it was my pizza lab. For this lab I made homemade pizza in a cast iron with peppers and more. I liked this recipe because of many different reasons such as flavor, texture, consiste (More)
My Favourite Foods Lab
Although it is a basic and easy recipe, my favourite foods lab was when we made grilled cheese sandwiches. It was probably the most simple food we made, yet one of the tastiest, in my opinion. We watched lots of videos on how to create a yummy g (More)
My Most Challenging Foods Lab
Out of the many foods labs I have done there have been a few challenging ones. All of them not horribly bad but, some had a few hiccups along the way. In my opinion the vanilla cupcakes were the most challenging for me. Not necessarily because the p (More)
My Breakfast Home Lab
final product mis en place in the process For my breakfast home lab, I created a very tasty and filling breakfast sandwich. I chose this instead of the other breakfast choices because our foods class hasn’t made anything like it yet and I k (More)
Most Challenging Foods Lab
I made a three of my own bagels. It turned out good and tasted good but it took a very long time to make and to shape. The product standards were met fairly well the only thing was the doughnuts weren’t as even and round but after a long time t (More)
Most challenging foods lab
This is a veggie pot pie. It smelled like cooked veggie and pastry. It looked like a pot pie but some of the filling came out onto the top. You could hear the filling bubbling. The veggie pot pie tasted like it was veggie soup for the filling an (More)
Breakfast Home Lab
For my Breakfast Home Lab I made a sandwich. This sandwich had Cheddar cheese, cooked Broccoli, Tomato's, Cilantro and Onions. It had a cheesy, warm butter smell and tasted flavourful. Once I took a bite, I felt the broccoli and onions first. It (More)
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