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Kitchen Tools/Appliances
The lab of oatmeal chocolate chip cookies went quite well. A success was that we made cookies that tasted delicious, we worked well as a group and a team, and the dishwashing was easy. The cookies tasted delicious because we followed the recipe almo (More)
Knife Skills
When I made the omelettes I was not good at cutting and my knife Skills were not good. My food that I cut was not good looking and it took me awhile to cut and they were not the same size. But in the breakfast hash my knife Skills were a lot better (More)
Safety and Sanitation
This is my omelette lab. This lab went pretty well, there wasn't any major issues and the final project was good. The successes I'd say were cutting the veggies and sautéing them, as for me that's not the easiest thing to do. This lab wasn't tec (More)
Knife Skills
This lab went pretty well, my partner and I work well together and work as a good team and we get everything done well. Some successes were getting better with my knife skills and I was able to slice and dice everything a lot nicer and more prop (More)
Breakfast Hash
Communication In this lab we made breakfast hash, in my mind this was the hardest lab because we made a lot of different kinds of food. At first I felt I struggled a bit to keep up with the pace but I quickly adapted and worked on multiple th (More)
Safety and Sanitation In this lab we made an omelette, first dicing in-season vegetables then sauteing them. After that we cooked the egg and put the veggies in and folded the egg over creating the omelette. This lab went well due to the fact (More)
Breakfast hash- Communication
The breakfast hash that we made was delicious. Are knife skills were good. We cut everything into the proper sizes. I fell like we could of cooked it less, but it was good. I will definitely make this again. This is the breakfast hash Communi (More)
Kitchen Tools/Appliances
I think that one of the most useful kitchen tools would be a pan. When our Foods Class made Breakfast Hash, we cooked all of our ingredients in a pan. This lab was fun and the dish we made tasted awesome. I think my biggest success with this dish wa (More)
Omelettes - Knife Skills
When Max and I were making Omelettes we learnt how to properly handle a knife and how to use it. The Lab went really well although when cooking the veggies took quite long too caramelize. When holding the knife, wrap your fingers around the handle a (More)
During our first lab Michael and I had a tough time communicating with each other, we didn't know our jobs, which ingredients the unit and ingredient person was suppose to take, and we kept bumping into each other while we washed and dried dishes. (More)
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