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Greek Week
For this lab, I cooked greek food for my family and I. I would give this a 9/10 for nutrition because there are a lot of vegetables and protein in this dinner. My product standards for this lab was for the chicken souvlaki to be moist, and f (More)
Chicken Mozzarella Marinara with Spaghetti
I chose this recipe because it was perfect for my family as we already had the ingredients to make this dish. For my chicken I had to cut them in half as they were to big and would be too much for one person and would have taken a really long ti (More)
Irish Soda Bread
I made this Irish soda bread to go with my moms stew. I really enjoyed making it because it had no yeast and I didn't have to wait for the bread to rise before cooking it. This bread is normally sweeter, which it was so it went really well with (More)
Leek and Potato Soup
I was really happy to make this soup as it is one of my favourites. This was my first time working with leaks, I had to make sure I got all the dirt out of the layers of it, I also had to peel the potatoes. From the leaks and potatoes I was (More)
Mexican Rice
I really enjoyed making this rice dish. It was super flavorful and wasn't too difficult to make. When making this dish I was really able to experiment o spices figuring how much I needed and which ones went well together. One of our goals were f (More)
Potato Hash
This was our last meal we cooked in class be for quarantine. we got to use a lot of great ingredients like bacon, eggs potatoes, turnips and cheese. in this dish I was really able to practice my knife skills, sautéing and use of seasonings (More)
Chicken Korma Curry With Rice
I've eaten curry lots of times, but this time when I made it I got to try out something new. This time I added chickpeas and made the onions bigger than I usually like them. For the chicken I chopped it up into nice small pieces and cooked t (More)
Welsh Cakes
I decided to make welsh cakes for breakfast and my family. In them I added dried black currants which made them taste really good. when I was making them I made them in a big bowl, but later I realized it wasn't to good because it was too na (More)
Pork Chops with Mushroom Soup Rice
This was my first grade 12 meal. I made this meal for when my mom came back from her trip, so it could be yummy but also easy to eat. The first thing I had to do was put on the rice, for this I had to rinse it first. Then I cooked the pork once (More)
" Cooking at home" Greek Week
This was a very big meal we had to make. for my chicken souvlaki I chopped it up and marinated it the night before. instead of just cooking them in a pan, I decided to put them onto skewers. For the pita bread I made it a few hours before I did (More)
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