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Cooking at Home - Brownies
For the Cooking at Home assignment, I decided to make brownies using ingredients we already had. It was a very simple recipe, using only homemade brownie mix, two sticks of softened butter, three eggs and one and a half cups of chocolate chips. Afte (More)
foods week 7
For week 7 of foods, I made tortellini with sauteed mushrooms and parmesan cheese. For this cooking week I did very well, everything was cooked great and on time. I could have improved on the number of ingredients I used but I was limited to ingr (More)
foods week 5
For week 5 of foods i made scrambled eggs with sauted onions and sliced turkey. First I diced the onions, and sliced the turkey into small, thin pieces. Then I put 2 eggs into a bowl and added 50ml of milk, I then whisked the eggs and milk and 2 (More)
Foods final project
For my final foods project, I made potstickers with stuffing and cranberry sauce. It was easy but was very tasty at the same time. This is me making the main course which is the potstickers. This is the stuffing. This is the cranber (More)
Cooking at Home - Family Traditions
The tradition we have in our family is to make a Korean seaweed and ground meat soup. We have this soup as a celebratory dish for someone's birthday or graduation. In Korea, this is the usual meal for when a pregnant woman has just given birth, beca (More)
Cooking a German Meal with English Dessert
Schnitzel with potato salad Trifle I made this all from online recipes, including the pound cake needed for the trifle. https://natashaskitchen.com/pork-schnitzel-recipe/ More)
What makes us who we are
For my last cooking assignment I decided to make fettuccine Alfredo with a Caesar salad, and bruschetta. This dish smelt really rich, and cheesy. The pasta was smooth and creamy and had a little bit of a garlic taste to it. The Caesar salad was (More)
What makes us who we are - final home lab
main prep side cake For my meal I planned to make a poke bowl. With a side of Edamame. With the dessert being a double chocolate cake for my brothers birthday. For the poke bowl i wanted to keep it basic and a family favorite with (More)
Final activity - What Makes Us Who We Are.
Broiled Pork Belly and Rice I really enjoy Broiled pork the tangy flavours of all the sauces and how the pork belly melts in your mouth. It was hard for me to (More)
Josh's final blog (curry chicken with my nana)
I planned this meal to be, a meal that brings people together via sharing. It is meant to be a sharable food. It is an all savory food with a side of soup to go with it. It smells declicious, and tastes even better. The end produ (More)
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