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EDUBLOG Showcase
I am proud of myself that I can cook well by myself. My cooking skill (cutting, boiling, frying skill) increased and got much better. I am most proud of my last post's cooking. I couldn’t cook fried eggs but now, I can cook challenging dishes. Sinc (More)
Cooking at home #6 family traditions
For my family tradition cooking at home, I made black bean zucchini stir fry. I also added some wontons and leftover fried rice to make it a full meal. I wouldn't say this was titled a tradition but it was a common food in my family. I didn't u (More)
Final Cooking at Home
I planned for my meal to taste delicious, smelling great, the right texture where it was right and easy to make. My meal was delicious, smelled great, crispy when needed, soft when needed, and overall simple to make. All qualities we (More)
What makes us who we are – final home lab
I planned my meal to be salty, sweetly, and spicily. I checked the freezer and there were the ingredients of the dishes. So I planned to make them. The main dish is the pork belly with rice, the side dish is the kimchi, and the dessert is a waffle w (More)
What makes us who we are - final home lab
(Udon) (Fried Tofu stuffed with rice) (Korean Vegetable Rice Porridge) I planned for my meal to be smooth, deliciously, soft, smelly. My meal was three dishes, the main dish is Udon, the side dish is Fried Tofu stuffed with rice and the app (More)
Final Meal
I planned for my meal to be strong in flavour, enticing with smell, and containing a satisfying texture. My meal ended up with all the appropriate textures, and all the flavours worked well together to make an excellent combination. Practically eve (More)
Final Cooking at Home
today I made pasta with salad and apple pie. I planned my meal to be tasty, I also planned my meal to be very good looking. I decided to do this dish because I really like pasta and Caesar salad is my favourite salad and I really like (More)
What makes us who we are assignment
For this assignment, I decided to make my main dish a burger, the side dish fries, and the desert was chocolate chip cookies. I planned my meal to be flavourful, moist, sweet, and to smell yummy. My meal turned out the way I wanted to. It wasn’t dry (More)
What makes us who we are?
I planned for my meal to be pulled pork buns with coleslaw on the side and gluten free brownies for desert. The connections my dish has to my personal identity go back to when I was younger, my mom would make it once in a while and I didn’t really l (More)
Today for my "what makes us who we are" I made pizza, chicken wings and chocolate chip cookies for dessert. I  planned for my meal to be just like when my mom makes it, a chewy pizza crust not too crispy and very flavourful. For my chicken wing (More)
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