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Greek Week
Tzatziki, roasted potatoes, Chicken Souvlaki, Greek salad, Pita bread, Kourabiedes (no particular order) These are some pictures of the recipes I made. The pictures were not taken at my house since I made this elsewhere. My brother's friend is G (More)
Chocolate Lava Cake
Chocolate Lava Cake For this food assignment, we had to watch any one video and make a chocolate lava cake. In the beginning, I melted some chocolate chips and butter in a bowl. I buttered my loaf pan and dusted it with some cocoa powder. Then I (More)
Mushroom Risotto
Risotto This is the first time I ever made risotto. It was easy to make but most of the time that I spent making this, I had to just stand near it, stirring it occasionally. I do not like rice at all so I did not like this recipe what so ever. Bu (More)
Home Cooking Assignment #6
Eggless Omelet For the Home Cooking Assignment #6, I made an eggless omelet. This was actually really easy to make. All I needed was some besan (ground flour), all-purpose flour, salt, pepper, parsley, chilli, and onions and instead of regular on (More)
Home Cooking Assignment #4
Chana Poori For Home Cooking assignment #4, I made another Indian dish called chana poor. There was barely any mise en place required for this since all I needed were some chane, also known as, chickpeas, in English. I cooked the chickpeas in boi (More)
Cooking at Home Recipe #2
For this home cooking lab, I made Indian bhaji. This is another one of the Indian dishes that I absolutely enjoy making and eating as well. and NO, THIS IS NOT CURRY. THERE IS NOT EVEN A SINGLE OUNCE OF CURRY IN THIS RECIPE. I thought I should (More)
Cooking At Home Recipe #3
Indian Kheer For this food cooking recipe, I soaked some rice in boiling water for about 40 minutes and drained the water. Then I added some cold milk into the rice and waited for the rice to absorb the milk. I then added in some almonds and Kesa (More)
Cooking at Home Recipe #5
I decided to make a breakfast sandwich for this recipe. I made this breakfast sandwich with cheese, carrots, broccoli, feta cheese, mushrooms, spinach, green onions, purple onions, green bell pepper and Brussel sprouts. I mise en placed all thes (More)
Cooking at Home Recipe #1
Bread Pakoras A while ago, we got a food assignment where we had to choose a recipe and make it at home. I added some Indian masala in a bowl and mixed them up before putting in anything else or preparing the ingredients. I mixed in some besan (g (More)
Breakfast Recipe
I basically made three recipes, two of which were breakfast, brunch recipes. I didn't need to take much safety precaution in any of them; just knife, stove, stove and washing my hands after using the meat for sanitation. I followed the reci (More)
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