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1885 Northwest Rebellion timeline
REFLECTION a. i knew the information i gathered was reliable because i got most of it off of secure sights and all of the information on them were related to what i was researching. (More)
Innovation Timeline
[embeddoc url="https://mycentennial.sd43.bc.ca/tonyl22019/files/2020/01/North-west-rebellion-timeline.pdf" download="all" viewer="google" ] Bibliography “Battle of Batoche.” The Riel Rebellion: The Battle of Batoche 1885. Web.15 Jan.2020. (More)
Northwest Rebellion Timeline- Talia
Reflection: How I figured out if the information I gathered was reliable was by checking multiple sites. If I saw on multiple sites that an event happened on the same day every time, I know its reliable. I chose to use Sway because I'm famili (More)
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