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My Poetry Anthology
Reflection Unfortunately, there isn't much that is innovative about my visual representation. I generated and developed my ideas while working on this project with the help of some design elements on PowerPoint. Something I enjoyed about my (More)
poetry anthology
reflection a. my innovation was to make it look like it was a power point but a power point mini flip book my main idea was to have a cool working flip book I enjoyed making this flip book because I got to learn how to make online f (More)
My Poetry Anthology
Reflection I think my poem selection was the most innovative part of my anthology. I looked at some designs of anthologies I saw on the internet and got some of my inspiration from some anthologies I saw. I enjoyed making my own poem. I would (More)
Poetry anthology
Reflection: One thing that is innovative about my project is the use of pictures to describe the feeling of the poem. While working on this project i generated ideas by: thinking about how the author felt when writing the poem and taking inspira (More)
Reflection I just thought into the deeper side of love. The heartbreak side and the Love side that everyone wants to feel. I started reading and listening to a bunch of love related poems and thought about how it in deeper thinking. I enjoy (More)
Nature Poetry Anthology
https://www.flipsnack.com/jaredoms/nature-poetry-anthology.html Reflection I think the visual innovation that my project contains is the visual relevance to the (More)
Arvin's Mma poem anthology
my presentation is really well made and it is organized. I made a flip book in my head, and i thought of ideas, and it was organized and the colors were matching the pictures. To improve for next time i would try to post it earlier. thing i (More)
Sports Poetry Anthology by Adam
https://www.flipsnack.com/adamsting/sports-poetry-anthology.html  I somewhat enjoyed this project because I got to create an anthology about poems. It was my first time using Flipsnack and I found it easy to use and in the end my project look (More)
Death Poetry Anthology
Sports Poem Anthology
Reflection The design was simple and it was my first time using Simple booklet so I didn't know how to design it. I also used pictures that had sports equipment. I generated my ideas by creating a multi sport picture. I started thinking abou (More)
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