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About Me
My Bio Hey my name is Josh Gordon Fernandez and I like to play sports like basketball with friends. I Like to play Xbox and my favorite video game is NBA 2k21.When I have free time I also like to watch movies on Netflix my favorite movie right no (More)
My Podcast
My Reflection What were your books? Did you enjoy / hate / not care (for) them? The book I chose was Long Way Down. The book was really short and could easily forget after summer break.How did you feel about working with a group? Did you mak (More)
Digital footprint
My Journal Article: Are you active online?   Yes, I am active online, but it is just with friends and family. All my accounts are set to be private. I do limit personal photos. What do you share online and is its appropriate refle (More)
My American Revolution flipbook.
https://www.flipsnack.com/AC65B7FF8D6/new-flipbook.html https://www.flipsnack.com/AC65B7FF8D6/new-f (More)
About Me Assignment
My Bio I was born in South Africa, I moved to Canada with my family in 2019. It has been quite a journey.  We love to explore the icy blue lakes around BC. Ice blue is my favorite color. I love walking in the forest imagining I am an explorer in  (More)
Graphic Novel Adaptation
My Storyboard Tim Burton, in Edward Scissorhands, used Lighting, especially in this scene to set the mood. For example, we s (More)
My Storyboard
My Reflection - Tim Burton, in Edward Scissorhands, used the Esmeralda bullying Edward in the backyard scene in order to capture the judgement people (More)
Edward Scissorhands Storyboard
My Refection I chose to do my comic on the sce (More)
Edward Scissorhands Storyboard.
My Reflection. Tim Burton, in Edward Scissorhands used Framing and Camera Angles to create an image and set a scene for the audience. For instance (More)
Edward Scissorhands Storyboard
Tim Burton, in Edward Scissorhands, uses Camera movement to create tension in scenes and better describe the emotional impact on the characters. For exa (More)
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