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P.E Wellness 9 -Sauciuc
[et_pb_section][et_pb_row][et_pb_column type="4_4"][et_pb_text] Area you need to improve? An area I need to improve is financially. How will I improve? I will save my money and I’d like to get a job soon. I don’t like I should worry too much abo (More)
Active Health 9: Class writing
A lot of students struggle with stress from school and relationships, which can affect their mental health negatively. Middle school is easy but high school becomes way harder suddenly, and there is a lot of responsibilities for high school. Ther (More)
PE 9 Wellness
2a) The dimension of wellness I could improve on is financial. 2b) I can improve this area by controlling my spending and being more financially aware. (More)
PE 9 Wellness
My spiritual and physical wellness could be improved according to the survey I did. I could improve my physical wellness by exercising more and eating more healthy food like vegetables and eating less junk foods. Also, I am starting to workout and (More)
PE9 Wellness
A strenght for me in the dimension of wellness is spiritual. I'm not very surprised by this because I know that no one should interfere with my beliefs and that I shouldn't care about what people think about it. The dimension that could be improved (More)
P.E. 9 Wellness
What dimension of wellness could I improve on? I could improve on my spiritual wellness. Some steps that I can take to improve on this area are; I can be more open minded to others beliefs. I can also look at others points of view and their moral (More)
PE 9-Wellness
I can improve on my career and academic skills. I can do that by doing my homework everyday and focusing more on school. I should also pay more attention in class. Michael Pacheco (More)
P.E. 9- Wellness
The dimensions of wellness that could be improved for me are physical and financial, the steps I will take to improve in these areas are: PHYSICAL - more sleep, better time manegment, and eating healthier . FINANCIAL - ask my parents for advic (More)
PE 9 Wellness
My dimensions of wellness could be improved on emotional. I can improve this area by accepting myself for who I am, and taking care of myself. If I neglect certain aspects of my wellness, then it would probably ruin my life. (More)
PE 9 - Wellness
My area to improve on is financial wellness. I definitely need to save my money and manage it better. I can do this by setting a limit on how much to spend each month, or even force myself not to spend money unless it's really necessary. (More)
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