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My Self Portrait
I am Joven Romualdo. I was born a Filipino, but I was raised in Canada. I'm a simple person that enjoys many things in life being able to create, draw, and express myself through the arts. I do not like to interact with people I barely know, so the (More)
Self Portrait Profile
Self Profile My name is Lewis. I am very tall for my age; I am 6' or 6'1"  tall. I have one sister named Rianna, and I am 3 years older than her. She has just started middle school.  I have a lot of family mostly on my (More)
self profile collage
I was born in Columbia i am also half Pilipino but only been to the Philippines once i lived there in Columbia for six years and moved here with my  dad for grade one, I went to An art school in Vancouver starting in grade three and  then had to tak (More)
my self portret
[embeddoc url="https://mycentennial.sd43.bc.ca/nathanb2019/files/2020/01/2004.pdf" download="all" viewer="google" ] My name is Nathan Danial Brachacek I'm fourteen years old. My hobbies are gaming, music , I love to ride horses I plan to join the (More)
My Self-Portrait
Have you ever imagined one of your closest friends living with you everyday. That's what it's like with a dog. They're loving most of the time but can sometimes be the complete opposite. After thinking about it I realized that I am a dog. Dogs c (More)
Self profile
       My name is Tim Peng. I am 14 years old and I’m born on March 27th, 2005. I was born in Richmond but my family is from Beijing, China. Richmond is where I had preschool and kindergarten, and I made good friem (More)
Amelia's Self Portrait
Self Reflection I thought of this idea for my project because I like collages and I always see them on Pinterest. I put some pictures and icons that represent me and took some ideas of my self profile, because I have a hard time thinking of s (More)
My self-portrait
Reflection: 1. (More)
Self profile
My name is Nico v, I`m 14 years old and live in Coquitlam, BC. Some of my features are I`m a big boy, with Italian heritage, blue eyes that I got from my nonno, and curly hair. Some of my hobbies are hunting, camping with friends and family, video (More)
My Self-Portrait
it is unique because i put a big soccer ball and put pictures of things i like inside the soccerball.the first thing i thought of is soccer because i love to play soccer and i put a big soccer ball and then put things that i like inside.i liked (More)
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