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what's the word around town- Jasper Alberta
Reflection I was able to identify how the geography Impacts the town relatively easy as all I had to do was some background checks and research. it wasn't that hard although it did take me a bit to get the hang of it. it was pretty easy t (More)
What's the word around town project
I was able to identify how the geography impacts the town pretty easily as all I had to do was do some research, and it wasn't that much of an impact. it wasn't that hard just took bit more thought. I was able to dream of the future and identify (More)
What's the Word Around Town
Reflection: a. There was very minimal difficulty once I understood what to do. b. Yes I was able to come up with so (More)
Whats the word around town?
Socials project: Jasper-Lili-ADow (More)
What's the Word Around Town?-Whistler
Reflection While doing this geography project I was able to show how the geography impacts Whistler. I was able to find how it impacted by doing a lot of research about the different condition and geography of my town. While working on my pro (More)
https://sd43bcca-my.sharepoint.com/:p:/g/personal/076-jpontaoe1_sd43_bc_ca/Ee00IU7GwY5Pl-mPCfGADjABEKOg-o4tQ (More)
"What's the Word Around Town?" Project
The link above is my map of Richmond. This is the city of Richmond. I chose it because of its unique location, culture, and landform. Richmond is built off of broken down natural resources, like tree roots, soil, and other things. Because of (More)
What's the Word Around Town
Reflection: I feel I was easily able to identify how the geography impacts Whistler. Through thorough research from multiple sites, textbook information, and my own experiences of visiting Whistler, I was able to collect enough information to a (More)
American revolution timeline
Reflection I knew the information I gathered was reliable because I got it from the social studies 9 textbook. I used Sway to display my learning because it was easiest one for me to use. I'm pretty satisfied with the result of my design, h (More)
The Northwest Rebellion
https://sd43bcca-my.sharepoint.com/:p:/g/personal/076-jpontaoe1_sd43_bc_ca/EXnDyymdcUBFrq4HdPPgof0BzQwEja8iv (More)
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