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Tech Tutorial- Google Drive (Upload Files)
Google Drive is a cloud storage service that allows the user to save various files to the cloud. You can then access them on your Google account. How to upload a file onto Google Drive? go to drive.google.comat the top left corner, you should (More)
How To Connect To The SD43-S Wifi (iOS)
Connecting to the school Wifi can be fast and simple: here are the steps you can follow to easily connect to the Wifi. From the home page, open SettingsTap on 'Wifi'Multiple SD43 Wifi networks should pop up, click on the network 'SD43-S'This shou (More)
Google Calendar Guide
Attached is a copy of a Google Calendar Guide. Google Calendar is a digital calendar that allows you to record important dates. You also can schedule meetings and create multiple reminders that can also be shared to other. More)
How to Create a Video with PowerPoint
If you are struggling to use the recording option on PowerPoint, here is a tutorial on how to create a video with PowerPoint. Creating-a-Video- (More)
Tech Tip- Essential Software and Features for Windows 10
VLC Media Player: Default Movies and TV app in Windows 19 is very easy to use, but it does not always play every video file. You can consider installing VLC Media Player that plays most video files (unless your video file is corrupted) on your Wind (More)
Tech Tip- Change the Size or Colour of Your Mouse Pointer (Windows)
If you sometimes struggle to find your mouse pointer on your screen, you can make it bigger or change the colour of of your mouse pointer. Go to your Settings Search up Mouse Pointer in the Find a Setting box.Click Change Mouse Pointer Size or Co (More)
How to Complete Assignments with MS Teams
If the slideshow does not work, please view the pdf version via: How-To-Complete-Assignments-MSTeams-MuhammadMore)
Python for Beginners | Part 1
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_T7bSqd4PuM (More)
How to Send an Appropriate Email to Your Teacher
Here is are some tips on how to send your teacher an appropriate email on Outlook along with some tips. How-to-send-an-ap (More)
Tech Tip - Tips for Searching on Google
This is an embedded Microsoft Office presentation, powered by Office. More)
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