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The Wonders of Online Shopping
How does access to the internet affect consumer behaviour? Let's find out! The-Wonders-of-Online-ShoppingMore)
Widgetsmith: Create Custom Home Screen Widgets on iPhone
Using Widgetsmith app to create easy home screen widgets. Just follow these steps. Launch the Widgetsmith app&nbs (More)
Food Photography 101
Hi everyone! Here is a quick, interesting tutorial on taking pictures of your food professionally. (More)
How to Use Procreate
This painting and sketching app provides the ability to the artists to create their artwork easily by using more than 130 Procreate brushes. They can also edit, delete as well as share their work by using the Apple Pencil flawlessly. This app is so (More)
How to Use Headspace
Here is a quick video on using the meditation app Headspace! HeadspaceMore)
How to Create Your Own VR Headset!!
Hello Centennial! Here is a great DIY VR headset tutorial by Suzy! https://youtu.be/GBt4cdUBxBI (More)
How to Change Background in Microsoft Edge
Step 1. Open the Microsoft Edge browser on your PC. Open a new tab by pressing “Ctrl + T.” Step 2. Click the Settings or Gear icon. Step 3. Select Custom. Step 4. Under the Custom section, click Your ow (More)
GoodNotes Tips & Tricks — 5 Smart Ways To Use Drag & Drop On The iPad
Hello Centennial! Here are more tips to effectively use GoodNotes! Drag & drop has been outstanding so far. Just tap and hold on the document that you want to share and start dragging it to another app as soon as it lifts. You can also hold o (More)
https://youtu.be/46tVqAn4AQ0 (More)
How to Download FREE Procreate Brushes
After purchasing Procreate in the App Store, you will notice that it includes a limited number of brushes. From this Tech Tip, you will learn how to download different types of Procreate brushes without purchasing. In addition, you will learn how to (More)
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