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My Tribute Costume
I think my personality is the quiet but strong type. Some of my important relationships are with my cousins, my mom and my dad, and my brother and 3 of my friends. Some skills that would help me in the Hunger Games are fishing (if there (More)
My tribute costume
I chose this character for Hunger games because it looks really cool and it suits a hitman. This character will conquer all of the district from its strenght, and superhuman abilities. He can see through walls, fly without any wings, and speed throu (More)
Hunger games tribute costume
The art was based off of dragons and I used royal colours, it was also based off a character I made a long time ago. All my ideas came from dragons and my old oc. I enjoyed using my old art and making them visual since I love drawing, it was als (More)
My Tribute Costume
What is innovative about your visual representation? I think that the clothes a shoulder guards I put on myself is innovative.How did you generate and develop your ideas while working on this project? I would click on the options and see what on (More)
English 9 Tribute Costume
CONTEXT: Ms Gauer's Eng. 9, Per. 4 Class Was Assigned a Project to Design a Costume for a Tribute (Contestant) in The Hunger Games. This is my Tribute Costume Design. More)
Saylor's Tribute Costume
My name is Saylor I am 13 and I love to hangout with friends. I am always playing sports my favourites being hockey and field hockey. Strengths I have that would help me survive in the Hunger games are building, running, and hunting. REFLECTION: (More)
My Tribute Costume
Tribute Costume Paragraph We were asked to identify some of our skills that would help us during the game, nothing really came to mind right away, but as i started making my costume i started to think a lot harder on how i would answer that q (More)
My Hunger games Tribute
Hunger Games tribute  My tribute Costume would consist of Dark maroon wings to show that I’m fierce, along with black Clothes with a scar on my eye to show I’m strong and not afraid. I’m wearing comfort shoes because they’re nice and sho (More)
My Tribute Costume
A little bit about me… My name is Laylia. I come from a very supportive family, that consists of my mom, my dad, my brother and me. Each person in my family plays a big role in my life. They each have helped make me who I am today. I get my kindn (More)
My Tribute Costume
I have a wet suit so that I can swim whenever I want and not have to take off all my clothes, I have a gun so that I can easily kill people even if I'm not close to them. I am wearing comfortable shoes so that I can run fast and climb trees (More)
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