My City

My City

Communication Reflection

                 ADL Build your city team assignment. 

During this ADL project, we were tasked with creating our ideal utopian city. We chose our three values, those being, economic prosperity, religion, and health. We used the software ‘’Minecraft’’ to create the city that was named ‘’ Meep Land’’. 

 Before we could begin construction, we must create the blueprint of Meep Land. We both sketched our ideas for the city, including buildings, and structures to represent our beliefs. We used ideas from both drawings to create the best city we could come up with. We shared ideas with each other, the ones we liked we kept. We would also share ideas, to which the other would respond with their ideas, and we would end up with a great plan. I believe we managed to work well as a group. 

While working together we would use our class time wisely. We used said time, to discuss matters and work on our city. While working on this assignment we did not face any issues that would make it impossible to complete our assignment. It was difficult to connect to each other in game, so that may have taken up a large amount of time, thus preventing us from creating the best city we could. 

In conclusion, I learned a lot about working with others, as opposed to working on my own, and avoiding asking for help. This assignment taught me more than I would have initially expected. I hope to learn the same amount as I did in this project, in assignments in the future. Thank you for reading. 


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